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Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' -- Episode 5.10


Lost Episode 510
"He's Our You"
Written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz
Directed by Greg Yaitanes Original Airdate: 3/26/09

Dig It or Bury It?

Dude, it's back… and I'm digging it! Sayid is basically Lost's go-to-guy for badassery and this show needed a little bit of testosterone recently with all the cat fights and love triangles that have been turning Lost into an episode of Jerry Springer recently.

Well a couple boots in the face later and we have one of the best episodes of the season. Sayid Jarrah… you're my hero, dude!


We finally learned how Sayid ended up on 316 and that Ilana isn't exactly a U.S. Marshall so much as she's a friggin' BOUNTY HUNTER!

That's pretty much it for loose ends tied up this week – but a lot of exciting possibilities for the future were rolled out, bringing us to…


Is it just me or is Ben being dead in the past not gonna bode well for him in the future? Sayid kind of shot his wad early so what's next for him considering he already capped Benji? Farraday anyone? Or Locke? Who hired Ilana to bring Sayid to Guam (assuming that Ben is innocent until proven guilty)? How is baby Ethan going to escape the wrath of the Others so that he can grow up and not escape the wrath of Charlie? What kind of product does Sayid use in his hair?

Easter Eggs

Sayid had himself a 125-dollar glass of McCutcheon – the whiskey that Widmore proclaimed Desmond wasn't good enough to drink. The book Ben brought Sayid was "A Separate Reality" by Carlos Castaneda. But I'll let you people do the Wikipediaing of that seeing as I've got a word count to stick to here.

Repeat Offenders

Ben's Dad joined the group of D.I. members to make the leap from flashbacks to… er—the "present". Aside from this, it was a whole lot of the usual suspects.

Weekly Rant

Hey, Kate and Juliet… Shut up.

Bullet Biters

Ummm… can anyone say "Ben"? That's right, this week the most evil man in all of TV history got capped by Sayid twenty years before he even did anything wrong. Sayid also got his murder on with another fellow who presumably pissed Ben off at the wrong time (but when isn't the wrong time to piss Ben off). On the non-human side of things, baby Sayid took his first step in becoming a sociopath by decapitating a chicken.


So I had another good week with the predictions. If you'll remember last week, I totally called that Sayid was gonna take out young Ben.

I did not, however, have any idea how imminent that was.

Predictions for next week? Plan on some present day Island-traversing. I feel like Locke and Richard might be on a collision course for each other pretty soon. I also can't wait to see what happens to Ben in the future and how bad what Sayid did effs things up. Also expect Cesar and Ilana to start snooping around for answers as to the whereabouts of Sayid, Kate, Jack, and Hurley. I'm not quite sure what's next – all I know is that it's probably gonna blow our minds.

Lost is back, baby!! Enjoy it!

Now, for those of you wondering just what the hell I'm talking about, here's where I tell you what actually happened...

In This Week's Episode

We begin in Tikrit, Iraq. A father tells his son that he must kill a chicken. The boy doesn't want to and so his younger brother comes to his aid, breaking the chicken's neck quite easily. The boy is Sayid as a kid. His father tells him that he's done good – killing is in his blood.

Flash to '77, Young Ben comes with some more food for Sayid. Ben's pretty chatty when it comes to talking about Sayid's "people". Ben tells Sayid about when he met with Richard in the woods a few years prior. He tells Sayid that he's going to help him escape his prison cell.

We now find ourselves with Sayid off the island. He chases a guy down and, surprise, blows the dude's brains out. Ben shows up soon after and tells Sayid that he's taken care of everyone on his list -- his mission is complete.

Back to Sayid in his D.I. jail cell… He's visited by Horace Goodspeed.

After a few feeble attempts to get information out of Mr. Jarrah, Goodspeed gives up and tells him he's got twenty-four hours to talk.

Goodspeed next hits Sawyer's house where Goodspeed debates shooting Sayid. Sawyer promises to get answers to protect Sayid's livelihood.

Sawyer heads to Sayid's cell where he tells him it's time to start making shit up or Sayid's taking the next bullet off the Island.

Sayid is next visited in his jail cell by Ben's Dad. Soon Ben comes in with a sandwich and lies to his father, telling him it's his.

Workman or not, Ben's Dad is no dummy and roughs Mini-Ben up a little bit until he gets the truth. The sandwich was really for Sayid.

Flashback (or Flash Forward as it were) to off the Island. Ben visits Sayid in the jungle where he's building houses. Ben tries to enlist Sayid to kill once more while he gives Sayid the "You're a killer, it's in your blood" speech. Of course Sayid denies it all and sends Ben along his merry way.

Back to the jail cell where Sawyer walks in and tasers Sayid. The D.I. bring Sayid out to the woods and strap him to a tree where a creepy old guy drugs him with some kind of hallucinogenic truth serum. Sayid begins talking about how he came to be on the Island (Flight 316), that he's been there before, and what he knows about the various Dharma stations totally freaking everyone out. Oh yeah, and he tells them that everyone in Dharma's gonna die.

In an off-Island flash we see Sayid meet Ilana in a bar. They get cozy with one another and take it back to Ilana's place – where she promptly boots him in the face (literally) and locks him up. Ilana takes Sayid to the airport where he freaks upon seeing Hurley, Jack, Kate, and Sun boarding the same plan as him. Upon seeing Ben, Sayid asks Ilana if he is the man who hired her. She doesn't know.

Back on the Island, the D.I. has a conference about whether or not to shoot Sayid. As per usual the D.I. gets trigger happy and the only person at Sayid's defense is Sawyer. Sawyer loses and it's decided that Sayid's getting a bullet to the head. Sawyer heads to Sayid's cell where he tries to let him loose. Sayid refuses to leave, saying that he's come here for a reason.

Sawyer trounces off to Kate's cabin to ask why she came back when a flaming bus goes rolling through the center of town square. Meanwhile Ben sneaks into the barracks where Sayid is being kept prisioner. Ben springs Sayid and the two take off into the jungle where they are soon tracked down by Jin. Sayid knocks out Jin and then BLAM! He puts one in young Ben's chest.

The end…