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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' -- Episode 5.11


Lost Episode 511
"Whatever Happened, Happened"
Written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof
Directed by Bobby Ross
Original Airdate: 4/1/08

Dig It or Bury It?

Good God is Lost hot right now. Last week was a great episode but this one was out of the stratosphere. Lost is really back to its original form, with equal parts off-the-Island mysteries of the past and those on-Island adventures we fell in love with so long ago. Good to see that everyone's getting along again too... Well, most everyone (ahem… Jack). Dig it.


Like I said, everyone's got a reason to be back on the Island.

Kate's? She's there to find resident stranded Aussie, Clare. Looks like Ben still ends up with the Others. We learned Aaron landed with Grandmum before Kate hopped flight 316 (which, not to float my own boat or anything, but I did predict back the week "316" aired).


Is Ben's departure in ‘77 the reason that Baby Ethan survived the purge and was therefore able to live on and become an Other? Where is Faraday already? Could Kate's vow to find Clare mean we'll be seeing her soon? Is it in the stars for Kate and Ben's dad? How did Miles and Hurley's discussion about time travel turn out?

Repeat Offenders

Cassidy, alongside her Sawyer-love child Clementine. Clare's mum made an appearance, as did Aaron. Roger Linus was all over this episode. On the "Other" side of things, we had Ricardo Alpert step out of the woods for a moment, as well as mentions of Widdy and this "Ellie" character (who is most definitely now Faraday's mom, if that was in dispute before).

Easter Eggs


Weekly Rant

If you can rant about an episode this good, then this weekly rant is about you! Lost is back to form… that's all there is to it.

Bullet Biters

Ben is back to "the world of the living," as Locke so put it, so Lost is again in the red on Bullet Biters. But have no fear… the word "war" was mentioned because let's face it, things are about to get bloody.


Oh my… I think the reason Lost is getting so good again (aside from the fact that everyone's on the Island again, mixing it up and taking things back to square one) is that, with the absence of Faraday and his time-warp babble, it's hard to tell what's gonna happen next. But let's face it… that's why Losties love Lost.

I would like to say this… anyone think we'll be seeing a polar bear soon? I think next week we'll have a Ben and Locke episode in the present and then the week after that we could see some Faraday action.

Lost is really starting to build steam towards their big WTF moment in the finale. So I'm gonna bet that some trippy, Master of Space and Time type stuff is about to go down. Plus you gotta figure Richard is gonna find out that Sawyer, Jack, Kate, and the whole team know Locke and take them down to that temple he took Ben into. If there's a place you can probably time-travel out of on the Island (aside from the Orchid), it's there.

Now, for those of you wondering just what the hell I'm talking about, here's where I tell you what actually happened...

In This Week's Episode...

We start out moments after Sayid's escape last episode. Jin wakes up and finds Ben, who's still alive but badly hurt from the gunshot. Jin throws him in the van and heads back to the camp.

Meanwhile at the Others' camp, everyone is cleaning up the mess the flaming bus caused. Kate helps Ben's dad pull the bus out of a house, but soon Jin arrives with the wounded Ben, and Roger (his dad) rushes to his side.

Flashback to shortly after the Oceanic Six made it back into town.

Kate goes and visits Cassidy, the mother of Sawyer's child and a former acquaintance of Kate's. Kate tells her that Sawyer has sent her. Kate gives Cassidy an envelope of cash which causes Cassidy to rant about how Sawyer only cares about himself and the reason he jumped off the helicopter was to escape what awaited him off the Island. Cassidy also quickly figures out that Aaron is not her kid.

Back on the Island, Horace, Sawyer, Miles, Jin, and Creepy Phil check out Sayid's jail cell. They see the keys in the lock and realize that a janitor must've let him out. Sawyer goes to where Ben is being operated on and runs into Roger. Saywer asks him for his keys but Roger can't find them – it's clear that Ben stole them from Roger and let out Sayid. Sawyer then goes into the operating room where Juliet tells him that they need a surgeon to save Ben's life. What surgeon exactly? Dr. Jack Shepherd!

Miles is holding Kate, Hurley, and Jack in a nearby cabin when Sawyer arrives. He tells Jack that he needs to operate on Ben. Jack refuses. Kate gets P.O.'d that Jack won't help and so goes to donate her blood to Ben for a transfusion. But when Ben's condition worsens, Juliet offers an alternative: they take Ben to the Others to save his life. Kate agrees to take him alone.

In an off-Island flashback, we see the series of events that ended with Kate giving Aaron away. To whom? Clare's mom, or Aaron's grandmother. Kate tells her that Clare is still alive and that she's going to the Island to find her. This is followed by a tearful goodbye between Kate and Aaron.

Back in '77, Sawyer catches up with Kate around the pylons. He's going to help her. They trudge through the woods with Ben's unconscious body and run into the Others who take them to none other than Richard Alpert. Kate and Sawyer plead for Richard to help Ben.

Richard warns them that if they save his life, he can never return to the D.I., that all of his innocence will be lost and he will become an Other forever. Sounds good to them. Richard takes Ben and disappears into the Temple that we've seen a few times already and that the Smoke Monster once disappeared into with a couple French fellows.

On-Island and in present time, Ben lies in the Infirmary. He regains consciousness to see Locke at his bedside. "Hello Ben," he quips, "Welcome to the Land of the Living"…