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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' -- Episode 5.12


Lost Episode 512, "Dead is Dead"
Directed by Stephen Williams
Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff and Brian K. Vaughn
Original Airdate: 4/9/08

Dig It or Bury It

Totally dig it. I feel like this episode has been a long time coming.

Ben? The Smoke Monster? Desmond? Three things Lost diehards love. This was surely one for the fans. Now that we're getting down to the nitty-gritty in season 5 I think it's safe to say we'll be digging a lot.


We caught a little glimpse of what the Smoke Monster is all about. We saw who pummeled Ben before his trip back to the Island. (Is it wrong to have a man-crush on Desmond?) We went way back to Ben's Alex-stealing days. We found out that Mr. Widmore got booted out of the Others for having a family off the Island. Also there's now a 35 percent chance that Ben has a heart – we need to have that rose from Beauty and the Beast to really give us a weakly gauge of how feeble and black Ben's heart is becoming.


For the love of God, where is Faraday?! What's Johnny Locke's plan to get back to '77? What's Ilana gonna do with her angry mob and freshly minted prisoner? Will we ever get a buddy-episode about Miles and Hurley driving around in a VW Bus solving mysteries?

Repeat Offenders

A Widmore family reunion gave us Widdy Sr., Penny, and grandchild Charlie. Desmond survived a gunshot and followed it up by giving Ben an Andrew-Jackson-style-beatdown. Young Ethan got in the mix for some good, old fashioned Island adventurin'. Richard of course popped up.

Rousseau and Alex also had some key moments in this week's offering.

Easter Eggs

Desmond and Penny's boat name? Our Mutual Friend. Yes, the name of the book that Desmond used to carry around and wait to read before he died. Awesome.

Bullet Biters

Ben was shooting anyone that looked at him cock-eyed this week. Poor Cesar, killed before he could even have a secret evil agenda.


Good stuff is ahead for Lost. Things are starting to get hairy with the 316ers just as they did in season 1 for the survivors of 815.

Only thing now is that Sun, Locke, and Lapidus are on the other side of the fence in a position the Others found themselves in when 815 crashed. Ilana looks like she's gonna cap someone. Uh-oh.

Back in '77, some sort of battle is brewing. Let's just hope it's not a catfight. I know I've been saying this every week but Faraday's coming back soon. Maybe next episode? I don't know…

That's all there really is to say for now. Lost is starting to turn the tables and get into gear for their big WTF moment this season. So in the coming weeks it's gonna be time to try and piece together that puzzle.

Rock on, Losties! Until next week.

Now, for those of you wondering just what the hell I'm talking about, here's where I tell you what actually happened...

In This Episode...

We start out with Ben as a child, as he's on the mend in the Others' temple. A young man with a haircut that makes a Brillo pad look like a handful of newborn bunnies comes to Ben's bedside. He and Ben have a little exchange – this obviously being the first time they've met.

The young man introduces himself to Ben. "I'm Charles Widmore."

Back on the Island in the present, Ben wakes up in a cot to find Locke creepily watching him sleep. Ben tells Locke that he knew he would be resurrected upon their return to the Island and explains why he killed Locke. Later, on the beach, Ben meets Cesar, who is suspicious of Locke. Ben talks Cesar into believing that because Locke wasn't on the plane, he must've already been on the Island before. Cesar shows Ben a gun and tells him not worry, he'll handle Locke.

Back in the past, we see Ben in his early-twenties and a young Ethan Rom at his side trekking through the jungle. They come upon a tent and Ben rushes it, readying his weapon. In the tent, Ben wakes a young Rousseau and gets ready to paint the wall with her head when he hears a baby crying – baby Alex. Ben takes Alex and tells Rousseau that he'll kill her if she ever comes near Alex again. Ben and Ethan with Alex in tow rush back to the Others' camp. Widmore is furious when he sees Ben with Alex. Ben berates Widmore for asking him to kill a child. In the end, Ben walks away with Alex untouched by Widdy.

Back in the present, Ben searches through the bunker where we previously saw Cesar posting up. Ben retrieves a picture of him and Alex, but the moment is interrupted upon the arrival of one John Locke.

Ben tells Locke that Sun and Frank went to the main Island and that he needs to go there. Why? To be judged. By the smoke monster.

Locke's in.

Ben and Locke move to the beach, where they attempt to take one of the remaining outriggers. Cesar is quickly there to stop Locke. When Cesar goes for his gun, it's not in his bag. Not a second later, Ben pulls the weapon from his bag and blows Cesar away. Locke and Ben hop in the boat and get the hell out of dodge.

Back in the past, Ben is pushing Alex on a swing when he's summoned by Richard. Ben and Richard head to the docks where Widmore is cuffed and being escorted to the sub. He's been booted from the Island for having a family on the mainland. Widmore and Ben finally become the Widmore and Ben we've known them to be all along.

In the present Locke and Ben head to the Others camp, where they run into Lapidus and Sun. Ben summons the Smoke Monster and after a short period of waiting for it outside, Locke decides they should go find it. Lapidus immediately disbands and heads back for the 316ers' camp.

In the past and off the Island, Ben calls Widmore and tells him he's going to kill Penny. As Ben heads over to Penny's boat, Desmond sneaks up on him. Ben whizzes around and shoots Desmond. Ben goes over to the boat and aims the gun at Penny – but when Charlie, Penny and Desmond's kid, emerges, Ben cannot bring himself to do it. Out of nowhere, Desmond comes back after Ben and kicks his ass, dumping him into the water beside the docks.

They get to the temple where Ben was taken by Richard as a child – Ben remembers this. He and Locke venture down into the temple while Sun waits outside. Ben and Locke go in and Ben falls down a hole in the floor. The Smoke Monster emerges before Ben, and, in the smoke, images of Ben's past play -- Alex being killed and the like. The Smoke Monster leaves Ben untouched but soon Alex is now in the room. She slams Ben against a pillar and tells him that she knows he is going to try and kill Locke again. She screams that he cannot do this and that he is to do everything Locke tells him. Ben agrees, terrified by the haunting vision. When he opens his eyes, Alex is gone.

Lapidus arrives back at the 316ers' camp only to be pistol-whipped by Ilana. She's rounding up weapons and her people – they're going after Ben. Back in the temple, Locke is still trying to get Ben out of the hole he fell into. Ben appears below. Locke asks what happened. Ben quips, "It let me live."