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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' -- Episode 5.13


Lost Episode 513 "Some Like It Hoth"
Directed by Jack Bender
Written by Melinda Hsu and Greggory Nations
Original Airdate: 4/15/09

Dig It or Bury It:

Dig it. This wasn’t a particularly strong episode but it was incredibly well written. The parallels between Miles and his dad and the Empire Strikes Back storyline as well as Jack and his father paralleled by Roger’s heavy drinking and relationship with Ben made this emotionally oriented episode worth every moment. If you’ve been reading along with TV Tourniquet, you’ll know I called three things this week: That Chang was Miles’ father, that Farraday would return, and, the most unlikely, that there would be an episode about Miles and Hurley driving around in a van solving mysteries. Boo-ya! I could never have called however, how Bram and his "What lies in the shadow of the statue" babble could’ve played in. God, I love Lost.


Pierre Chang is Miles’ father. 316 does have more to it than just the Oceanic Six. Farraday has apparently been off at the Hydra Island with the Polar Bears. And of course the most shocking revelation of this week, Miles DOES have a heart.


What does lie in the shadow of the statue? What’s gonna become of Creepy Phil? Will we ever get the full script of Hurley’s version of Empire? How will the crew take care of Roger Linus and his big mouth?

What’s Farraday been doing with his mounds of Polar Bear dookie at Hydra Island? When will we get an episode featuring this year’s famed and ambiguous Lost Comic-Con video?

Repeat Offenders:

Pierre Chang, Miles’ mother, Naomi, and Roger Linus all headlined this week’s Lost cameos.

Easter Eggs:

We had the famed Lost lotto numbers. Mention of the Hydra and Polar Bears in the same sentence (remember that skeleton Charlotte found in Tunisia with the Hydra collar on?). There was a whole plethora of station-talk that I’m not even gonna get into.

Bullet Biters:

Only a whole bunch of already dead people that Miles talked to beyond the grave. It’s hard for someone to wind up dead on this show in an episode without Sayid and Ben.


Farraday is back and about to start showing off all his time-travel tricks he’s been learning at Hydra Island. I think next week will probably be giving us some Locke, Ben, Sun and Lapidus action along with some answers about this Bram fellow and his "Shadow" Clan.

Need more? Here's the full recap:

We start off with Miles as a kid. As his mother looks for a house, mentioning along the way that his father is out of the picture, young Miles gets a quarter for the vending machine. On his way though, he begins hearing things. He makes his way to an apartment and seems to know where the spare key is. He lets himself in and finds a dead body. After his mother and the landlord arrive at his aid, Miles tells them that the man was crying out for his wife. How did he know the name of the man’s wife? Because the dead body is talking to him.

Cut to future Miles in ’77. He gets a call from Sawyer who tells him to make sure to erase the security tapes around the pylons to get rid of any evidence of he and Kate taking Ben. Before Miles can though, Horace comes in and tells Miles he’s letting him into the "circle of trust." He needs Miles to go on a special mission. Miles drives a van out into the jungle where he finds Radzinsky and two other men.

They load a corpse into the back of the van and when Miles inquires about the man’s death, Radzinsky shrugs off the question. Once Radzinsky and the other two men are gone, Miles turns to the corpse.

"So what really happened?" he says to it. Meanwhile Kate arrives back at the infirmary where she and Juliet are questioned by Roger about the whereabouts of Ben. When they have no concrete answer for him, he storms off raving that he’s going to tell Horace.

We next see Miles as a teen going to visit his dying mother. He tells her that he needs to know about his father, about why he can communicate with the dead. She tells him that his father is dead.

Miles asks her where his body is. Some place he can never go…

Back in ’77 Miles is taking the corpse back to Horace when he runs into Hurley who begins loading stuff into his van. Miles tries to make an excuse for why Hurley cannot come with him in the van but to no avail. Hurley’s joining him. Hurley soon, however, figures out that the cargo Miles is transporting is a dead body and soon thereafter learns of Miles ability to communicate with the dead.

Hurley and Miles begin a conversation about their separate abilities to communicate with the dead. Quite hilarious.

Back at camp, Kate approaches Roger who is boozin’ pretty hard and tries to calm him down over the Ben situation. She does not succeed but only raises more suspicions, leading Roger to believe she had something to do with Ben’s disappearance.

Miles and Hurley arrive at one of the various station construction sites to meet Pierre Chang with the body. Pierre is furious that Hurley is with Miles as no one else was to know about the body. As Chang storms off, Hurley comments about what a jerk Chang is. Miles

"Yeah? That douche is my father…"

Widmore’s freighter team. Miles passes on the opportunity until Naomi mentions that he’ll be paid 1.6 million dollars for his services. "When do we leave?" asks Miles, smirking.

Back in ’77 Hurley and Miles are next tasked with taking Pierre Chang back to Radzinsky’s locale. When they get to the site where Chang’s being dropped off, Hurley sees the numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) being branded into the Swan hatch lid. Meanwhile Roger tells Jack of his suspicion that Kate had something to do with Ben’s disappearance

Jack shrugs it off, telling him he’s drunk and that Kate’s done nothing.

Back off-Island, Miles is nabbed by a group of shady people in a van.

The leader is one of the 316-ers, a guy named Bram. He tells Miles that they are out to stop Charles Widmore and that they can help him find things out about his gift and his father. Miles shrugs it off, telling him that he’s stopped caring about his father. He tells Bram that if he wants to recruit Miles, he can pay him 3.2 million dollars.

Bram immediately tosses him from the van. Bram says that Miles should think about it and join his team. And what team is that? "The team that’s gonna win."

Back in ’77, Miles and Hurley argue about Miles’ father, Chang. Miles steals Hurley notebook to see what he’s been writing. Hurley is writing Empire Strikes Back again. He tells Miles that it’s ’77 so George Lucas hasn’t written it yet, so Hurley is going to write it and send it in to him. Meanwhile Jack goes to Sawyer and Juliet’s house to inform them of Roger Linus’ suspicions. After Jack leaves, Creepy Phil comes by Sawyer’s house. He tells him that he knows who stole Ben… Sawyer. Sawyer tells him he can explain and gets Phil in his house, immediately punching him in the face the second Phil steps inside. Sawyer tells Juliet to tie him up.

Miles across the Island looks in on his father, Chang, playing with the baby version of himself. Chang soon gets a call though and comes outside, telling Miles he needs him to take him to the docks. When Miles arrives there, a sub is unloading. And who should emerge?

Farraday. "Long time, no see," The Whisper King quips.