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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' Episode 5.15!


Lost Episode 515 "Follow the Leader"
Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff and Paul Zbyszewski
Directed by Stephen Williams
Original Airdate: 5/6/09

Dig It or Bury It?

Wow. Lost never ceases to amaze,  but the last scene of this week's episode was one of the top Lost WTF moments of all time. I can't wait to see what kind of stuff they have saved up for next week's season finale. They nailed this episode. The jumps between the present and the past and all the rising motion involved in said jumps made the Trix Rabbit look like a kid on Ritalin. Dig it!


Well… Sayid's back. Farraday's really dead though it seems that his last will and testament (yeah, that whole detonating a hydrogen bomb thing) will be carried out. We found out just when exactly Locke told Richard that he had been shot in the leg. Miles found out why his dad rejected him and his mom and booted from the Island… it was out of love (cue the violins)! And just in case you were still in limbo on this… Sayid is the most bad-ass mofo ever. I mean it, he makes Rambo look like Bambi.


Locke/Jacob (or Christian) Battle Royale? How exactly do you kill Jacob? Will we finally learn the truth about Jacob – who he actually is, where he came from, etc.? What will happen first: Hydrogen bomb detonation or submarine discharge? What will happen to screw up Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate's escape attempt? How does everyone die when Richard sees it happen? What lies in the G-D shadow of the statue?!

So many questions… just one more (two hour) episode!

Repeat Offenders

Miles' Mom, Baby Miles, and young Widdy and Ellie popped into frame during our time in '77. On the "other" side of time, we had a team meeting of The Others. "Other" than that (okay, I'm done now) not too much on the deju vu kick.

Easter Eggs

This ep wasn't as chock full of hidden trinkets as last week's, but we got our first taste of time tripping in quite a while when Richard revisited the scene from "Because You Left" where he patches up Locke's leg and then tells him he's got to die to come back.

Weekly Rant

I'm a firm believer in once you go Jack, you never go back. Shame on Kate, Juliet, and Sawyer for breaking the Golden Rule of Lost.

Bullet Biters

How is that every time Sayid shows his face at least two people die?


This weeks episode was nuts and I'm sure in the two-hour finale next Wednesday, shit will only become one with the fan even more. So instead of telling you how this season will end (because in all honesty, I have no idea), I'm just gonna spitball a few craaaazy ideas of what we could be seeing next week:

Christian Shepherd showing up in the tunnels, anyone?

The Island has already told Locke what they're planning on doing with Jughead in the past and the ultimate goal of his current plan may be ensuring that doesn't happen. On the other hand, remember Adam and Eve from the caves in Season One? Anyone ever think those two corpses were charred by a nuclear explosion?

Anyone think next week's two-hour finale will end with the resurgence of Clare?

Jack finally learning his dad is Jacob, Christian finally being confirmed as Jacob… sounds good to me.

I think the basis for next season might have to do with this whole "What lies in the shadow of the statue" business – so expect that to come into play for the big finale.

Well, there's my two cents. It's been a great season thus far, but I have a feeling it's gonna get real wild next week. See ya then, Losties!

Now, for those of you wondering what the hell I'm talking about...

In This Week's Episode...

We start off where the last episode ended: Farraday getting blown away.

Only this time from Jack and Kate's P.O.V. Shortly thereafter Widmore rides over on his horse (why is that guy always riding a freakin' horse by the way?) and pistol-whips Jack. Widmore brings them back to camp but Ellie saves them, still thinking about the fact that she killed her son and these people are obviously the key to finding the truth.

30 years later: Locke arrives at the Others' camp with Sun and Ben in tow. Locke tells Richard they have an errand to run. Before they leave, however, Sun approaches Richard with the picture she nabbed from the cabin of the 815-ers in '77. She asks Richard if she knows who they are. Richard confirms that he does… because he watched them all die.

In '77, Pierre Chang finds Miles, Hurley, and Jin. He's finally confronted with the truth that Miles is his kid and the threesome convince Chang that they are actually from the future after Farraday's batshit crazy claims were first shrugged off by the D.I.'s resident quantum physicist.

Meanwhile Sawyer is getting the stuffing beat out of him alongside Juliet. Pierre Chang rolls in and stops the beating with some news: he's ordered a widescale evacuation of the Island. After donating about six pints of blood to the floor, Sawyer gets his "wits" about him and strikes a deal with the Dharmas that will put him and Juliet on the next sub off the Island if he tells them where the Others' camp is. Being the coward he's become, Sawyer draws them up a map about as fast as he possibly can.

On the other side of the dividing line, Jack tells Ellie that they are from the future and that Farraday was her son. He also convinces her that if they find Jughead and detonate it, it will erase Ellie having killed her own son. The only problem is that the bomb has been buried beneath Dharma's camp and Jack and Kate are now automatic red flags over there. Richard, Ellie, Jack, Kate, and Arbitrary Henchmen #1 set off for the "tunnels" – the only way to reach the bomb.

30 years later: We soon learn that the errand Locke has tasked Richard and Ben with helping him run is extracting the bullet Ethan put into his leg in the season premiere. Locke tells Richard that he has to tell him that he needs to die to come back to the Island – thus wrapping up that whole loop of events. While Richard helps time-tripping Locke lose the lead, present-day Locke bitches to Ben about how no one has ever actually seen Jacob.

1977: Jack, Kate, and the Others get to the tunnels – which lie beneath the water and require quite the swim. Kate refuses to go, on the grounds that she refuses to erase what she and Jack have been through together. Ellie threatens to kill Kate, but before anyone can pull their trigger, Sayid jumps out of the bushes and shoots Arbitrary Henchmen #1 in his face! Kate takes off anyway, Sayid taking her place in the pilgrimage to the bomb. Upon arriving at the bomb, we leave Jack, Sayid, Richard, and Ellie for this week's offering.

We next see Sawyer and Juliet on the sub, talking about starting a new life. That's until they throw on a last-minute passenger: Kate. As the three discharge from the docks, Sawyer quips "Good riddance" to the Island.

30 years later: Locke, Richard, and Ben return to camp. Locke gathers up the Others and tells them all that they are going to see Jacob – because why take orders from someone you've never even seen?

Sun wonders if this will be the way to get back to Jin. Locke tells her it is. On the side, Ben and Richard talk about the nuisance that Locke is starting to become.

On the way to see ol' Jakey-Poo, Ben and Locke talk. Turns out Locke isn't at all concerned with finding the '77-ers, in fact, he's not even sure if this is the way to go about it. So what does Locke plan on doing? "I'm gonna kill Jacob."