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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' Episode 5.15 -- the Season Finale!


Lost Episodes 516 and 517 "The Incident" (Parts 1 & 2)
Written by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse
Directed by Jack Bender
Original Airdate: 5/13/09

Dig It or Bury It?

The past week has kind of been a J.J. Abrams awe-fest for me. Star Trek was incredible – but who didn't expect that kind of product from America's Favorite Fanboy (a title I'm officially bestowing upon him)? So I spent most of the week talking up the flick and getting pumped for the two-hour ride that took place last week.

My mind was blown wider than it ever has been before.  Is was like experiencing true love for the first time. You think you've felt it before until you find out what its really supposed to feel like. I sat in utter silence for an hour after "The Incident" played out its final moments. Nothing. And you know what I did after that? I waited ‘til 4:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, downloaded the episode(s) on iTunes, and watched it again.

Over the years Lost has continually (with the exception of the episode devoted to Jack's tattoo in Season 3) raised the bar, not just for the show itself, but for episodic television in general. And no matter how many WTF moments Lost has spawned, or how many times it's frustrated/confused/delighted its viewers, all pales in comparison to the two hours Lost fandom was treated to last week.

I'm happy to be putting my shovel away for the season – but not at all happy to be putting it away.


Finally! Rose, Bernard, and Vincent made it through the time shifts!

And they are the happiest family you could possibly imagine! We also, after much adieu, learned how Hurley found his way onto Flight 316 (and found that guitar). What lies in the shadow of the statue? Some Latin gibberish… Who knew Jack's "five second" rule was the brainchild of old pappy Christian? We finally found out who Jacob was – and after I peeled the egg off my face, I saw that it was not Christian Shepherd after all. Dammit!


Can we get someone who knows Latin in here? Who is that dude pretending to be Locke right now? What's going to happen to Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and co.? Are we going to be digging early graves for Sayid and Juliet next season? Why is this show so awesome?

Repeat Offenders

Where do I start? Nadia, Sun's parentals, Sawyer's post-mortum parentals, Kate's childhood love (his name escapes me, help me out in the comments section if you can), the Others, Bram and Ilana – who I assume will be regulars next year, Rachel – Juliet's big sis, Chrissy Shepherd, Rose, Bernard, Vincent, and, of course, the reason for the season – old Jakey poo, live and in-the-flesh.

Easter Eggs

Again… where to start? Charlie's Driveshaft ring, Aaron's crib, Charlie's guitar, Apollo bars, the statue (full form and demolished form), a New Kids on the Block lunchbox, the Black Rock, another Lost book club entry – "Everything That Rises Must Converge" by Flannery O'Connor, the Horace Goodspeed uniform, the plane that Kate went through the trouble of robbing a bank to recover, the hatch door… and I'm out of breath…

Bullet Biters

I lost count during the final battle at the Swan sight, but Jack capped A LOT of dudes this week. Creepy Phil finally got what was coming to him. We caught a glimpse of how Nadia bit it. And, who could forget, the Big Kahuna – Jacob got shanked by Benji.


What a great season. They could really go anywhere they wanted to from here. Will the detonation send them back to the present? Or will it change the world as they know it? What terrible, terrible kind of consequence will there be for Jacob's bloodshed? Who exactly is it that's coming? I think next season will definitely be a lot about Jacob and his friend who found his loophole through Locke. I also think we'll find Jack and co. merely bumped back to the present… but that situation could really play out any way they want it to.

Can't wait for next season. See ya then, Losties.

And now for those who'd like a recap...

In This Week's Episode...

We open in a den where an unknown man weaves some sort of old school cloth. The man subsequently heads for the beach (of the Island) where he cooks up some fish. Another man joins him. The long and short of it is that the first guy is Jacob and the second is some guy who "wants to kill him badly" but can't because "things always end up the same on this Island." The second man tells Jacob that he'll find the loophole to kill him and departs.

Cut to Kate as a child. She and her toy-airplane buddy go into a store and attempt to steal a lunchbox. The owner catches them and threatens to call the police but a man steps in and offers to pay for the box instead. The man is Jacob.

Cut to the sub in '77, Kate tells Sawyer and Sawyerette that they need to get off the sub and stop Jack from detonating the hydrogen bomb.

Sawyer refuses but Juliet confirms her participation by promptly beating the stuffing out of a sub crew member. They storm the control room and tell the pilot to surface and let them off the sub. With a gun to his head, the choice is pretty obvious for Arbitrary Crew Member #6. He abides.

Thirty years later: Lapidus finds himself on a canoe with the 316-ers. Bram and Ilana talk some jibber-jabber about Lapidus being a "candidate" when they realize that Lapidus is conscious and listening to their conversation. Lapidus inquires about a large metal box the 316-ers are carrying around with them and when they open it up to show Lapidus what's inside, shutting us out of course, an awestruck Lapidus whispers, "Good God…"

Cut to Sawyer as a kid. He's at his parent's funeral. After the funeral, he's writing the infamous "Dear Mr. Sawyer" letter when his pen goes dry. A man offers him a fresh pen. Guess who… Jacob. Jacob tells Sawyer he's sorry about his loss and hits the road. Soon, some other family member finds Sawyer and quickly snatches the note away from him. The man reads it and makes Sawyer promise not to finish the letter. What's done is done. There's no use in harping on it.

Sawyer promises not to.

Cut to '77: Jack and Sayid decide to remove the core of the hydrogen bomb as suggested in Farraday's notes. Again Sayid (or the Professor as I like to call him) is a weapons expert and military virtuoso and easily completes the task.

Thirty years later: Locke, Ben, Richard, Sun, and the Others trek to see Jacob. Ben reveals to Locke that a hallucination of Alex told him to do everything Locke tells him to and that's why he's following Locke. Locke quips that now it will be easily to convince him. Of what? Locke's not the one killing Jacob, Ben is.

Cut to Sayid and his new bride Nadia, they walk down the street when Sayid stops to give a man directions. A man named Jacob. Getting it yet? While Sayid is stopped, a car runs a red and hits Nadia. Nadia dies right before Sayid's eyes.

Back to '77: Richard knocks out Ellie to stop her from accompanying Jack and Sayid on their mission. Jack and Sayid part ways with their captors and escape through a Dharma house. The house of one Horace Goodspeed. Jack and Sayid weave through the panicky people outside until Roger Linus shows up and blows their cover. A gun fight ensues which leaves Sayid with a bullet in his stomach. Hurley, Jin, and Miles show up in a Dharma van and rescue them.

Meanwhile Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet hit the shore in their off-sub vessel where they find none other than Bernard, Rose, and Vincent. Of course, the gang tries to warn Rose and B about the imminent danger but they couldn't care less. They send the threesome on their merry way and stay behind.

In a flashback, Ilana is badly burned and in a make-shift medical ward. Jacob comes to see her. He tells her that he has a job for her. He agrees to help.

Back in present day, Ilana, Bram, and Lapidus arrive at Jacob's cabin – big metal box in tow. Jacob isn't there. But a woven piece of fabric with a picture upon it tells Ilana just where he is… the shadow of the statue. Go figure…

In another flashback, Jacob is on a bench reading a book. A man falls out of high-rise building window behind him. Guess who? Everyone's favorite paraplegic of late. Jacob puts his hand on Locke, whose eyes immediately open. Jacob tells him that he's sorry this happened to him and that he'll be okay.

Present day: Locke sets his troops down for a little break. Locke convinces Ben furthermore why he should kill Jacob. Looks like it's on.

Two flashbacks: one with Jin and Sun meeting Jacob at their wedding. (Apparently Jake can speak Korean like a mofo.) The other is Jack during his famous "five seconds of fear" story. He saves the girl and outside of the operating room meets Jacob who gives him some wise, ambiguous advice – "Sometimes all you need is a little push."

Present day: Richard, Locke, and Ben arrive at the foot statue.

Jacob lives inside the foot apparently. The same place we previously saw him weaving the cloth.

In '77: Sayid is still dying in the Dharma van. He tells Jack he needs to fix the bomb so that it'll explode on impact. Suddenly the van stops. Why? Because Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet are standing in its way, guns drawn. Sawyer and Jack agree on five minutes for Sawyer to convince him not to blow the Island away and disappear into the jungle together. Of course this "chat" turns into a dick measuring competition and quickly results in fisticuffs. Juliet trounces in and stops Sawyer from murdering Jack. Juliet tells Sawyer that they're gonna let Jack and company go… and then kinda breaks up with him.

Hurley's Jacob Flashback: Hurley's getting released from prison. He gets in a cab. Jacob's in it. They have a short conversation about the merits of returning to the Island. Jacob gives Hurley the guitar and tells him to get on Flight 316. It's his choice… but he should do it.

1977: Down at the Swan sight, Marvin Candle continues to warn Radzinsky to stop drilling but he continues… until they hit something.

The incident is imminent. Meanwhile, Jack heads down to the sight – warhead in tow. He passes by Sawyer and quips, "See you in Los Angeles…"

Present day: Locke and Ben push their way into the foot after a dispute with Richard about who is and isn't allowed inside. Locke and Ben go inside as Locke hands Ben a knife for his dirty deed.

Back in '77, Creepy Phil arrives at the Swan sight with some armed henchmen. Jack is immediately spotted by the D.I. and a firefight ensues. Fortunately Kate, Miles, Sawyer, and Sawyerette arrive to bail him out. Of course our heroes overpower the D.I. and Jack drops his warhead in. It's doesn't detonate. The drill however soon hits the pocket of electromagnetic power and things start going ape-shit.

Any piece of metal nearby is being sucked down into the hatch. Miles saves his father's life. Creepy Phil gets skewered by some metal rods. Juliet suddenly has a chain wrapped around her and is being sucked into the hatch as well. Sawyer and Kate come to her aid.

Sawyer tries to hang on but his efforts are foiled. Juliet's sucked into the hatch.

Present day: The 316ers catch up with Sun, Richard, and the Others outside of the foot statue. The 316ers ask Richard if he knows what's in the shadow of the statue and he answers, correctly, with some untranslated Latin. They show him what's in the box. Locke's corpse.

Then who's inside with Ben? Inside of the foot, Jacob quips to Locke that he "finally found the loophole." Ben finally meets Jacob and promptly murders him. As Jacob dies, he squeaks out some last words:

"They're coming…"

Back in '77: Juliet wakes up at the bottom of the hatch. She sees the nuclear warhead just beside her. She finds a piece of rock and begins hitting it. Finally, with a final blow… she detonates it.

Fade to white. Lost Season Five is in the books.