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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' -- Episode 5.4


Lost Episode 504
"The Little Prince"
Written by Melinda Hsu and Brian K. Vaughn
Directed by Stephen Williams
Original Airdate:  2/4/09


This one kicks off with Jack, Kate, and baby Aaron on the boat from "The Lie", where they decide to… well, lie.  Again.  Kate tells Jack that she thinks they should say Aaron is hers.  Flash three years in the future… well, we all know how that one ended.  Kate is in a hotel room with Aaron, age 3, and Sun.  Kate tells Sun that she couldn't "have done it" without her help and leaves to go somewhere.  As soon as Kate is gone, a bellhop comes to the door and delivers a package to Sun which contains a gun and a picture of Ben and Jack on the street. Uh-oh…

On the Island in time-warp land, Charlotte's still down and out but quickly comes to.  She for some reason doesn't recognize Faraday, but when he says his name she does (WTF…).  They get Charlotte up and at 'em, at which point Locke decides they need to return to the Orchid Station as that's what Locke believes has begun the time shifts.  They decide to head back to shore, grab the boat they left there, and swing around the Island to the Orchid.

Meanwhile Kate visits the lawyer who came to her house looking for a blood sample in "Because You Left".  Kate agrees to give the blood sample if she can know who his client is.  The lawyer isn't too hot about this idea but he's seeing his client later and he'll propose the offer then.

Across town Jack's at the hospital with Sayid, who's on the mend.  Jack steps out to take a call from Hurley (who, by the way, looks hilarious in a prison jumpsuit), and, as he does, a "nurse" comes into Sayid's room.  A boot-in-the-face later we learn that it was not at all a nurse but someone trying to take Sayid's life (go figure).  Ben and Jack enter in time to find Sayid removing a piece of paper from the hitman's pocket with an address written on it – the address is Kate's.

Jack immediately calls up Kate and meets her outside of the lawyer's office.  Kate fills Jack in on the anonymous-person-trying-to-take-Aaron debacle and before you can say "Shazam!", they're following the lawyer – assumedly to his client.

Back on the Island, the gang encounters a time-shift as they head for the beach.  Locke see a beam of light shooting out from the hatch – one which he encountered in season one, but steers the group clear of that.  It's not long before screaming can be heard in the forest. Sawyer goes to investigate to find Clare and Kate delivering Aaron. Sawyer watches wistfully before the sky gets bright again and sends him scuttling through time.

Jack and Kate back in the real world have followed the lawyer to a hotel – where we learn his client (maybe) is none other than Clare's mom!  Kate, as usual, freaks out and Jack tells her that he'll go take care of it (considering Clare's his sister and Aaron his nephew). Jack talks to Clare's mom, who, turns out, has no idea who Aaron even is.

Meanwhile Ben and Sayid meet with Ben's lawyer – the same one Jack and Kate had just followed.  He tells Ben that Hurley should be out of jail by the morning.

Ben and Sayid go to meet Kate and Jack where Ben admits he was the one who threatened to take Aaron.  Sun sits nearby watching the exchange. She holds a gun and the picture of Ben.

On the way back to the beach, Miles is the next to spring a leak of the bleeding nose variety.  Things worsen when the crew gets to the beach and their boat is gone.  They find barracks (ones that don't match the 815-ers') and a canoe with a water bottle for Ajira Airlines.  Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Faraday, and Charlotte all jump in the canoe and head out to sea.  Before they know it another boat is in hot pursuit of the canoe and shooting at our heroes.  Saved by the warp… or so they think.  The sky goes white and now the Islanders are out in the middle of the ocean during a raging storm.

Fortunately they get back to shore, where Sawyer breaks down and tells Juliet he saw Kate in the jungle.  Upon searching the beach more they find some boat wreckage – writing on some of the scraps is in French. See where this is going?

We find ourselves out on the stormy sea again with a raft full of French people who an Asian man floating out on a board – it's Jin. They get Jin back to shore.  Guess who the Frenchies are… Rousseau (pregnant with Alex) and her people.

Confused yet?

Dig It or Bury It?

It's hard to judge this episode not knowing how the next few will play out.  It was a very frustrating episode, but then again, Lost is not for the faint of heart.  I'm less than enthusiastic with Jin's return (as I'm sure it'll get the old "the Island wouldn't let him die" cop-out) but despite my dampened spirits I'll say "Dig It" for now, because I thought it was an incredible episode until Jin washed up – especially for poor lost and lonely Sawyer.


For once Faraday was relatively stumped – so this was a slow one with the time travel.  But I was right about Charlotte.  Not dead – and apparently Jin isn't either.  We learned it was ol' Benji trying to pry Aaron from his lovin' non-mother.  We now know for sure that Sun is trying to kill Ben… but is she also trying to kill Jack?  That brings us to the Q in Q&A.


They broke their own time-travel theory in this one… How can Jin meet Rousseau in the past, if he met her in the future (Oh yeah, and how the hell is he alive?!)?  Sawyer couldn't meet Desmond – and he's the master of time and space!  Certain writers have some explaining to do.  Yes, that means you, Melinda Hsu and Brian K. Vaughn.

Sun said at one point that TWO people were responsible for her husband's death (well… supposed death).  Ben is one.  Could Jack be the other?  Jack was in the picture with Ben that the bellhop gave her.  And we already know she doesn't blame Kate.  Hmmm…

Has Miles been on the Island before this week?  Will Jin's livelihood be enough to save Ben (and possibly Jack) from the wrath of Sun?  Could the time-traveling have something to do with what happened to Rousseau's people (prompting her to shoot and kill all of them)?

Easter Eggs

The Ajira Airlines bottle popped up – which I was wondering about since the Lost people did a viral thing with Ajira this summer.  We revisited season one a couple times with Aaron's birth and the beam coming out of the hatch.  A pretty cool little stroll down memory lane for Lost-lovers this week.

Repeat Offenders

Clare (circa season one) showed her face for the first time this season – as did her mum.  A pre-insanity Rousseau and an in utero Alex came out as well.

Bullet Biters

I should maybe call this section "Resurrections" this week, as we had negative-two deaths.  Again let me lament Jin's return.  Trust me, I love Jin.  But people don't float out at sea, unconscious, for three weeks and survive.  Oh yeah, people also don't stand on top of 900 pounds of C4 while it detonates and survive either.  Ugh.


Ajira Airlines.  I think they were the first to crash on the Island – and I think we'll be finding out more about that in the coming weeks. I think we'll also maybe be seeing a parachuter by of the name of Henry Gale quite soon as well.  The time-trippers could technically make contact with him since they never actually met him in the future – but I won't pretend to understand the time traveling in the show, because right now it doesn't seem the show's writers do.

Next episode will most definitely throw Faraday back at the reigns of the time-trippers and hopefully we'll see Desmond paying a little visit to Ms. Hawking (i.e. Faraday's mom) – learning more about the time shift plot.  Also, mark my words, someone major is gonna die next episode.  I feel it comin' – and with my bad knee, I know these things in advance (Oh yeah, and it's gonna rain tomorrow).

My major prediction however is this… I think Sayid is going to beat at least one person senseless in every episode we see him in this season – because it's pretty obvious Widmore has sent his people after him and they've all got a boot with their name on it.

Until, next week Losties… Namaste!