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Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' -- Episode 5.7

Lost Episode 507
"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"
Written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof
Directed by Jack Bender
Original Airdate: 2/26/09

In this Episode...

We start out with Cesar – the other guy who was in first class with the Six on the plane. He's in a Dharma station looking over some blueprints of the Island. Suddenly Ilana – the Marshall who was escorting Sayid – bursts in (making them the de facto ethnic Jack and Kate, respectively, of Flight 316. Ilana informs Cesar that they've found someone else – he's wearing a suit. Upon arriving at the beach we get our minds blown. It's Locke (wearing a cloak of questionable origins)! He's alive…

Ilana questions Locke on the beach. How come no one on the plane remembers him? Locke says that it's because he didn't travel like everyone else. He asks where the passengers list is. Ilana tells Locke that the pilot hopped in a canoe with "another girl" and took off with it. She then asks him the last thing he remembers is. His answer? Dying.

We're whisked back to the Donkey Wheel where Locke and Christian Shepherd make their final goodbyes. "Say hello to my son…" Suddenly Locke is in Tunisia where Ben ended up after he turned the wheel.

Eventually a car arrives and picks up, the rest is a blur as unidentifiable people work to fix Locke's broken leg. Locke wakes up later in a makeshift medical ward in the middle of the desert accompanied by none other than Charles Widmore. Widmore tells Locke that he wants to help him get back to the Island, that he was exiled by Ben may years ago, that the Others are HIS people, and that a war is about to erupt; and, by helping him, Locke and his people can be on the right side. Widmore sets Locke up with Matthew Abaddon – the scary black dude who told him to go on a walkabout many years back (also famous for arranging Widdy's freighter crew). Widmore tells Locke that Abaddon will take him anywhere he needs to go.

The first destination is the Dominican Republic where Locke finds Sayid building homes for Habitat for Humanity. Locke tries to convince Sayid to go back to the Island. Sayid refuses, on the grounds that getting off the Island is what let him meet up with Nadia finally. While she's dead, he still was able to spend the best 9 months of his life with her before she went. Locke respectfully leaves Sayid to his house building and moves on.

Next stop is New York where Locke and Walt make their in-the-flesh reunion. Walt tells John that he's been having dreams about him on a beach surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him. After a question about Michael's whereabouts (which, as always, is shrugged off), Locke bids Walt adieu. When Abaddon asks Locke why he didn't recruit Walt for the trip, Locke tells Abaddon that the boy's been through enough.

On the way back to the car, Locke asks for Abaddon to look up his lost love Helen for him.

Locke next visits Hurley, who at first thinks Locke is a ghost – and can anyone blame him? Once Locke proves that he's really there, he of course asks Hurley to return to the Island. Hurley is less than ecstatic; and when he sees Abaddon (who previously visited him at the nut house in season 4 – our first encounter with Abby), he promptly feigns a psycho freakout, which has become Hurley's exit route for any situation he finds uncomfortable.

Locke next makes a trip to Kate's house. Kate, of course, doesn't want to go back. She tells Locke that she's figured out why he never wanted to leave – because he never loved anyone off the Island. Locke tells Kate that he did once -- her name was Helen.

After completely embarrassing Kate and making her look like a total bitch, Locke wheels out of Kate's house. Outside he demands to know why Abaddon never looked up Helen as per his request. Abaddon asks if he really wants to see her.

We're now in a graveyard and it's all too clear – Helen's dead.

Abaddon explains to Locke that she died of a brain aneurism. Locke confesses his regrets about his life with Helen to Abaddon and they have a nice little moment. Said moment couldn't have been better timed because as they return to the car, a sniper rifle blast sprays Abaddon innards all over the hood of the car. Locke panics and hops into the driver's seat, taking off and ending up in a three-car pile up during his escape attempt.

Locke wakes up in the hospital with Jack. He tells Jack that he needs to go back. Jack of course (because God forbid he be anything less than a douche off the Island) resorts to child-like name-calling but before Jack can totally turn his back on Locke, Locke tells him that he met his father. By method of deduction Christian could not have been Hurley or Sayid's father, so Locke knows that he was Jack's father. Jack as usual runs out of the room like a blubbering child at the mention of his father, leaving Locke to sulk in defeat.

We next find Locke with his suicide note addressed to Jack, he's about to hang himself when there's a knock on the door. It's Ben. Ben stops Locke from hanging himself. Locke is overwhelmed due to the fact that he's left the only place he's ever understood and that he failed in the one reason he was pushed to do so. Ben sits Locke down, and Locke mentions a lady in LA they have to visit – Eloise Hawking. Ben immediately begins strangling Locke, murders him, and then frames it as a suicide. He then lifts Jin's wedding ring off of Locke and hits the road.

Back on the Island, Locke has been brought to Cesar in the Dharma Station. Cesar explains that when the plane started shaking, Hurley and company just disappeared from the plane in a white light. Locke confesses to Cesar that he's been to this Island before, he asks Cesar if everyone who survived is on the beach. Cesar tells him that everyone except for the injured people. Cesar takes Locke to the sick bay in the station. Guess who's among the wounded? Ben. Cesar asks Locke if he knows Ben. Locke replies, "Yes. He's the man who killed me."

Dig It or Bury It

I gotta be honest. I thought this episode would suck. Lost has been too consistently good this season, and the fact that the whole episode would be about Locke's journey back as Mr. Jeremy Bentham would be trite. Boy was I wrong. Dig it! This episode totally rocked.

Getting to see Matthew Abaddon up close and personal was one of the best Lost character pay-offs ever! Locke's journey certainly fulfilled some promises while also making good on some new ones.

Seeing Locke off the Island definitely was a nice change in his character arc as we again see the more human, more vulnerable side of him... Good times on Lost all around this week.


I never thought I'd know less after watching an episode that clears up a good three years of unbeknownst Lost activity. But that's why Lost kicks ass -- because of its ability to confuse and intrigue. All we really know is that the Six left Flight 316 in a flash of white light, as well as the intimate details of Locke's life as Jeremy Bentham, and that Locke did not really commit suicide but was murdered by – surprise, surprise – Ben.


What is this war Widmore's talking about? Who is the girl that Lapidus took off with, and could they be headed for a shotgun wedding?

What is the deal with Jack's dad already?! How did Locke know about Eloise Hawking, and why did Ben kill him the second he said the name?

Again, how the hell did Sayid and Hurley end up on Flight 316? Is Locke going to get sweet vengeance against Ben? Oh yeah… and how the hell is Locke alive again?!

Easter Eggs

How many days in Locke's time have passed since he met Widmore for the first time? 4… of 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 fame. The canoes that Faraday, Locke, Sawyer, and co. came across during their flashes popped up at the 316 survivor's camp. We also got some Dharma Station action.

Number of Times Ben Has "Killed" Locke


Repeat Offenders

Widmore came back for a hot minute. Abaddon got his first starring episode in the series (and presumably last, unless we'll be seeing Ghost Abaddon – something entirely possible). Helen made an appearance – but only in mention. Walt came back to meet up with his Island mentor of late, Mr. Locke.

Bullet Biters

Matthew Abaddon gave us one of the most touching Lost moments ever only to get his brains spilled out onto the back of a rental car. And of course, the inevitable, Locke died… and then came back to life… so maybe just Abaddon. Ben got his MURDER on this episode!


So I'm still sticking with my theory that everyone's trapped in the past and that Faraday's using the D.I. to become master of Space and Time to get them all back. I'm also sticking with my theory that Cesar is evil and knows more than he lets on. As for the Island war that's about to take place, I think it's pretty obvious who that'll involve. How Eloise Hawking plays into all that and what side she's on, is still a mystery. I'm thinking that Lapidus maybe took off with Sun since we still don't know her whereabouts at the time of the crash.

My biggest ponderance is that if the Six just teleported off the plane upon passing through the Island's path, was there someone on Flight 815 that possibly did this? Someone who was trying to reach the Island, who was on that flight? Could be nothing – but it is an interesting thought…