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Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' -- Episode 5.8!


Lost Episode 508
Directed by Mark Goldman
Written by Kyle Pennington and Elizabeth Sarnoff Original Airdate: 3/4/09

In This Week's Episode...

We start out tripping time once more (and possibly for the last time in a while) with Sawyer, Juliet and Miles. We see Locke turn the donkey wheel and there's another flash… Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Miles have tripped again but this time it's different. They go and find Faraday, who is pensive and withdrawn, having just witnessed Charlotte's death. Sawyer, who with Locke gone has become the de facto leader of the group, says they need to get a move on. Juliet asks what they're supposed to do now. Sawyer says they wait for Locke to return. How long? For as long as it takes…

We are now in a Dharma station, three years in the future, where two security guards witness a security breach. It's their boss – HORACE GOODSPEED. Yes, the dude that was there when Ben was born. He's drunk and throwing sticks of dynamite at trees. They go and alert their supervisor "LaFleur" – which is code for Sawyer. Sawyer grabs Miles, also working for the D.I. at this point, and they set out to grab Horace. Sawyer returns Horace to his wife, Amy. The extremely pregnant Amy begins going into labor after a short exchange with Sawyer.

Three years prior, Sawyer, Juliet, Faraday, Jin, and Miles all trounce through the jungle where they find two men in Dharma uniforms ready to shoot a girl with a bag over her head. Sawyer caps both of the men. They pull the bag off of the girl's head – it's Amy, Horace's bride-to-be. She, oddly enough, was in love with one of the men trying to kill her, a guy named Paul, and she begs the crew to bring his body along with them. They bury the other body and Jin volunteers to transport Paul's corpse. They come to the supersonic pylons where Amy tricks the group by convincing them she has deactivated them. The others pass through and hit the ground seizing.

In the future, a doctor tells Sawyer that Amy's baby is in breach and she needs a C-section. Being the talented physician he is, the doctor says he can't deliver the baby. Sawyer runs and gets Juliet, now a mechanic, telling her she's got a baby to deliver. Juliet is hesitant because she thinks Amy and baby will die, but Sawyer tells her that he believes in her.

In the past, Sawyer wakes up on a couch in the company of Horace.

Sawyer tells Horace that he's a ship captain named Jim LaFleur and that their ship washed up the Island on the way to Tahiti. Horace tells Sawyer that a submarine will take them to Tahiti in the morning despite Sawyer's pleads to let him have a few weeks to search for his crew. Fortunately, Sawyer buys himself the couple of weeks when Richard shows up during an invasion by the Others and Sawyer stops Richard from murdering everyone.

Back in the future, Amy has her baby and lives. Sawyer comes home to where he and Juliet live – that's right, Juliet is now Sawyerette – and they make out like wild animals, then drop the L-bomb on one another. Later Sawyer wakes up hangover Horace and tells him that he missed his baby's birth. The two have a conversation that basically amounts to this: Is three years long enough to get over someone (i.e. Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet)?

The next morning Sawyer gets a call and bolts out of his and Juliet's house. He arrives on a hilltop, where Jin pulls up in a van – Jack, Kate, and Hurley in tow. Sawyer gets one good look at Kate before… The end.

Dig It or Bury It

Well, kiddos, for the first time this season… Bury it. That's right.

I didn't like an episode of Lost. Yes, I was close to burying "The Lie" and "The Little Prince", but there were parts about each of those episodes that made me stop myself from digging it a shallow grave. "LaFleur"? Not so much… While a lot of necessary story was told in this episode that didn't stop it from being boring, predictable, and ultimately fruitless. The flash forwards and flash backwards were a cheap gimmick to give the show its form back after the out-of-character storytelling employed in "316" and "Life and Death".

Maybe it came as a shock to some who hadn't realized they were stuck in the past but I predicted that about three episodes ago so… the only thing this ep had going for it was spoiled before it even started from my perspective. As for all these new characters they introduced, if I'm supposed to give a shit about them, I most certainly don't.

(Oh and by the way, am I the only one who thinks Sawyer and Juliet are the most awkward couple in TV history?)


We found out our Islanders touched down in 1974 – which since has ticked away to 1977. We know that Faraday will, like the whispering creep-a-zoid he is, stalk baby Charlottte and tell her never to come back to the Island. We found out a little bit about Horace Goodspeed.

We finally know where that g-d four-toed concrete foot came from. (Remember the large concrete man at the beginning?!)


Where're Sun, Lapidus, and Sayid? Can we know how Sayid and Hurley ended up back on the Island or are we doomed to spend the rest of the season watching Juliet and Sawyer make out? Ummm… so I'm assuming Rose and Bernard are dead… Will there ever be an episode called "Under Locke and Key"? Is Sawyer Canadian? Is Amy's baby anyone important in the Lost universe? Is the Kate-Jack-Sawyer romantic saga back on? What did Sawyer do to get his stay extended from two weeks to three years?

Repeat Offenders

Little Richie Alpert, Horace Goodspeed, Baby Charlotte, and someone in the Lost universe who is possibly Amy's baby all made some nice returns to the show.

Easter Eggs

The necklace that Amy lifted off her beloved Paul, I've seen somewhere before. I can only assume that it had something to do with Mr. Eko.

Sorry for not being more concrete on that but I was too busy being baffled by the suckiness of this episode. We saw the entire man to whom a certain four-toed foot belonged to. Not much else too important aside from all the Dharma Brand equipment.

Bullet Biters

Sawyer capped Paulie and his other boy when they tried to give Amy the Guantanamo Bay shakedown. Oh… and my will to live bit the dust after the word "Lost" flashed at the end of the episode and I realized that something exciting WASN'T going to happen in this episode.


Could it be that Locke, Ben and the 316-ers aren't in '77? That's one theory. Mine. We all know my theory about how I think Faraday's gonna become Master of Space and Time to try and get them back to the future. But with the Whisper King being so despondent we might have to wait a few eps. Aside from that, I'm not sure what else to say.

We've reached a new cycle in the storytelling so there's more answers than things to theorize about. But let's assume that we start with the two groups in separate time periods.

Lost doesn't come back for two more weeks which is totally lame – but hey, don't get down! Cheer yourself up with some Watchmen this weekend. What's that? You think Watchmen has the most anti-climatic ending in the history of storytelling? Well then catch up on Lost with some archived Television Tourniquets! Click on ‘em below!