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Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' -- Episode 5.9


Lost Episode 509
Written by Brian K. Vaughn and Paul Zbyszewski
Directed by Jack Bender Original Airdate: 3/18/09

In This Week's Episode...

We start off on Flight 316, pre-crash. The plane starts shaking and a white light zaps Hurley, Jack, Kate, and Sayid off the plane. The engines go out on the plane, but good ol' Lapidus navigates it to a relatively safe landing. Naturally some kind of crash does take place but Lapidus does his damage control.

Lapidus wakes up covered in blood and next to his dead co-pilot. In the cabin, Lapidus tends to a shaken Sun while Cesar does the same to Ilana, Sayid's police officer "friend". Then Ben shows up and, upon being asked where the others went, coolly responds, "How should I know?" (Ben: 1, 316-ers: 0).

Flash to 30 years in the past: Jack, Kate, and Hurley arrive in Jin's bus where they get reacquainted with their old pal Sawyer. After bringing Sawyerette up to speed, she and Sawyer decide that they'll pretend Kate, Jack, and Hurley are recruits fresh off the sub to the Island. But they've gotta hurry because they won't have another chance to pull this off for six more months. Jin runs to meet with Radzinsky to see if a plane crashed on the Island, assuming that that's where Sun is.

Back in the present, everyone gathers on the beach where Cesar and Lapidus duke it out to be defacto leader of the 316ers. Cesar wins when Sun runs off into the jungle after Ben, and Lapidus after her. When Sun finds Ben, he tells her that they are on the wrong Island and that they need to head to the other one. Sun agrees to follow Ben.

30 years before, Kate, Jack, and Hurley are all getting checked in with the Dharma Initiative. Pierre Chang gives Jack his matriculation interview and gives him his assigned job with D.I. – workman. Ha!

Meanwhile some creepy guy Phil seems suspicious of Kate until Juliet steps in. Let the catfight begin.

Jin meets up with Radzinsky, who's building a model of the Swan station – where he'll later blow his brains out. Radzinsky checks the computers, but there has been no plane crash. An alarm for an intruder, however, does go off. Jin and Radzinsky go to see what the disturbance is and find Sayid. Radzinsky thinking Sayid is a hostile and Jin having to keep the fact they know each other off the table, they take Sayid in and imprison him in the monitoring station. Jin calls Sawyer down to resolve the situation.

In the present, Lapdius catches up with Sun and Ben at the shoreline.

Lapidus tells Sun not to go with Ben, as the last time he was on the Island it was with a bunch of commandos whose mission was to murder Ben. Ben: "And how'd that work out for everyone?" (Ben: 2, 316ers: 0). But before Ben can go anywhere, Sun cracks him over the head with an oar and she and Lapidus head off to the other Island in a boat.

In the past, Sawyer gets down to where Sayid's being kept and stops the bat-shit crazy Radzinsky from shooting him. Sawyer does, however, have to pretend that Sayid is a hostile in order to keep him alive, which lands him in prison.

Jack goes to see Sawyer, running into Creepy Phil ("Caterpillar Brows", to his friends) on the way. Jack pops into Sawyer and Juliet's house where Sawyer proceeds to chew him out for questioning his exit strategy. After Jack storms out of their hut, Sawyer goes outside where he makes eyes with Kate.

In the present, Sun and Lapdius make it to the other Island, where they find the cabin. Jack's dad is inside and invites them in. He shows them a picture of Jin and co. in 1977, quipping "You have a long journey ahead of you."

We end 30 years in the past where a young boy brings Sayid a sandwich.

The boy's name? Ben Linus.

Dig It or Bury It

Bury. It. I've gotta say, I love Lost and totally trust the writers, but with a new direction in storytelling comes three to four weeks of boring set-up. This is week two. Not to mention that Lost, the king of inexplicable hiatuses, was off last week for less than no reason, and I've been told, by a little birdy, that there will be another week break in April. The change in storytelling is understandable. The union breaks? Annoying. Let's just hope the petty love-square bull gets set aside next week for some actual plot.


I get double prediction points this week! As I foresaw two weeks ago Locke, Ben and Sun are all in the present while Jacke, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, and the Sawyer squad are in the past. As I also predicted Sun was the one who took off with Lapidus. We also found out how Ben ended up in the sick bay and where Lapidus and Sun headed off to afterwards. Oh yeah, and the voices are people in the past – because the Island's just awesome like that.


Where'd Faraday go? Why isn't Sun in the past? Um, can we find out what the hell is up with Christian Shepherd PhD? I still don't trust Cesar, he's too in the know for having just been in a plane crash – so who's he working for? When will we find out how Hurley and Sayid ended up on Flight 316? When's Sayid gonna put a boot in young Ben's face? Are Rose and Bernard just dead or what's the deal with that?

Repeat Offenders

We got our first glimpse of Radzinsky, the guy who blew his brains out in the hatch. Pierre Chang took a break from his video shoots to make an appearance. We saw Ethan as a baby as well as Kid Ben, destroyer of the D.I.

Easter Eggs

Not too many eggies aside from all of the Lost characters who had merely been made mention of before showing their faces.

Bullet Biters

Lost is pretty close to being negative one people dead in the last three episodes. For those of you scratching your heads right now that means that no people have died and one person has come back to life.

I'm strickening Ben killing Locke from the record because Locke was going to hang himself anyways. C'mon, Lost! You've got an entire new plane-load of people to kill off with trip wires and land mines!

Weekly Rant

This is a new segment in the Lost TV Tourniquet in which I will just call a character out on being a jerk for the week's episode. And considering all this Juliet, Sawyer is deservedly my first victim.

Really, dude? You're gonna put all the dead 815-ers on Jack? After you basically used three of them as human shields during Keamy's attack on the Other's camp? I'm pretty sure you'd be another corpse rotting in the jungle if Jack hadn't given you minor surgery those sixteen times over the course of the first three seasons. So, yeah… stop being a jerk.


Lost is either about to start getting really good. Or really terrible. All we can do is judge by past experiences. And Lost has never let me down in the long run. So we'll assume it's set to blow our minds in the coming weeks.

Basically my mind set going into the next weeks is that the Losties who returned to 1977 all believe that they have returned for a reason, that they have unfinished business on the Island and to truly unchain themselves from it they must complete their respective missions.

Sayid's mission? He's gonna try and kill child Ben before he murders everyone in Dharma. Oh, that's right.

I also think Farraday probably kidnapped child Charlotte. At this point I'm just spitballing with what happened to the Whisper King. It could be a number of things. He also may have run off to become Master of Space and Time. All I know is they better bring him back soon. Also expect a future episode with the title "Cat Fight" to part of the show's new direction.

Tune in next week Losties! Vacation is over! …Until April…