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Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' Season Five -- Episodes 1 and 2

Previously on Lost

If Lost: Season Four was a sign of anything, it was that the days of finding out where Jack's tattoos came from were behind us. Long behind us. It's hard to say "the best since" when a show has only been on the air for four seasons, but hardcore Losties will understand me when I say Lost: Season Four was the best season since Season Two.

As you may remember, the final moments played out with the ultimate WTF in Lost's long, time-honored tradition of such when we found out who exactly was in that coffin: Locke – or as those goddamn troublemaking writers like to call him, Jeremy Bentham. Season Five would presumably depict how he ended up there. Oh yeah and to top it off, Ben moved the island with an enormous, icy wheel. Okay, all together now:

What the…?

Episode 5.01: "Because You Left"
Written by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cruse
Directed by Stephen Williams
Original Airdate: 1/21/09

Episode 5.02: "The Lie"
Written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz
Directed by Jack Bender
Original Airdate: 1/21/09

Episode Recap(s)

A singular clock rolls over from 8:14 to 8:15. Welcome to Season Five, Losties. The first two glorious hours of it all.

We spend the first few minutes following a man who we'll learn is part of the Dharma Inniative during its thriving past. Upon entering a film set, we learn that it's the man we've come to know as Marvin Candle, Edgar Halliwax, and others – Pierre Chang. Chang is filming an orientation video for one of the Dharma Stations when his shoot is interrupted. Chang heads to a construction site for one of the Dharma stations where the foreman informs him that they've hit some sort of wheel-like structure in the ground. Yes, it's the same wheel that Ben moved the island with. Chang immediately calls off the dig when he sees what they've come upon, he makes it quite clear that he's intent on harnessing the time-traveling capabilities of the island – which he believes to include this wheel. Just when one of the construction workers grumbles about the insanity of time-travel, who should reveal himself working on the construction of this station but Daniel Farraday.

Confused yet?

Yes, it is totally insane but bear with me. We jump back into the future three years again where Ben and Jack are exactly where we left them – standing over Locke's dead body. Ben asks Jack if he knows what happened to the others when they left the island – apparently, nothing too good. Ben explains this is because the Oceanic Six left and now they need to go back.

We now flash back to the island (which is technically three years in the past) to the time of the Island's move where Juliet and Sawyer tangle with what has just happened. Fortunately Farraday, who was out in the middle of the ocean on a ferry during the Island's move, has survived and as usual knows what's going on. When Sawyer asks Farraday what's happen, he tells the group that, because the Island has moved, they are now "dislodged from time." What does this mean? Well when the sky flashes a bright, white light once more and the gang finds the imploded hatch… well, un-imploded… it's clear that they are randomly shifting through time every so often. Oh yeah, Charlotte has a nose-bleed that is clearly life-threatening, and Farraday, the incumbent leader of the Island people, pretends that everything is a-okay…

Sawyer decides that if the hatch is now intact, Desmond must be inside. He heads for the back entrance of hatch. When he reaches it, however, and spends a few minutes banging on the door, Farraday explains to Sawyer that Desmond will never answer the door because the past cannot be changed – Sawyer isn't supposed to meet Desmond yet.

Once Sawyer has angrily trounced off back to the shore, Farraday gets an idea…

Meanwhile, Locke is bounding across the Island when he sees the plane that Mr Eko's brother, Emi, was on that crashed – the same plane responsible for Boone's death. Locke goes over to see if there are any survivors when he begins getting shot at. A bullet to the leg later and Locke is crawling across the ground towards the gunman to find that it is none other than… drum roll, please… Ethan Rom! Ethan debates whether or not he should shoot Locke, but, before he can make up his mind, Locke shoots through time once more.

Back in the "present", Sun has a second run-in with Mr. Charles Widmore. Widdy is none-too-happy about the way Sun called him out at the end of last season. Fortunately, Sun's proposal is enough to put all of that behind them – kill Ben Linus.

Across the lake, back in America, Kate is hanging out at home with her stolen child Aaron when some strange men show up at Kate's house asking for some bloodwork that will prove her maternity to Aaron.

Kate, as usual, grabs a gun and hits the road – pretty much how's she dealt with every major problem in her life up to this point.

Kate eventually meets up with Sun. They have a touching moment together, where Sun tells Kate she doesn't hold her responsible for Jin's death. Jack on the other hand… well Sun clearly is gunning for him as well.

On the Island, Farraday beats down the hatch door until past-Desmond answers. Desmond comes to the door, totally freaked out by Farraday's presence. Farraday apparently can talk to Desmond in the past because he already met him in the past (watch "The Constant" once more), and so tells Desmond that the people on the Island are in trouble and only he can help them, that "the rules" don't apply to him. Farraday tells Desmond to go find his mother at Oxford University.

Desmond wakes up. He's on a boat with Penny. Penny asks Desmond if he's alright and Desmond tells her that he was back on the island.

Clearly having dealt with three years of PTS Flashbacks, Penny reassures Desmond that it was all a dream. Desmond, the keeper of all memorable lines, quips, "It wasn't a dream… it was a memory." They're headed to Oxford.

Episode 2 of the season kicks off with a storyline about how Hurley is now wanted for murder in the present because of the guy that Sayid killed outside of the nut-house he was checked into. Sayid and Hurley head to a "safe house", which, of course, is crawling with dangerous men – both of which Sayid kills. Sayid, however, is hit with a dart during battle. Now Hurley is stuck with Sayid's unconscious body. Hurley takes Sayid to his parents' house.

On the Island, Sawyer and company are attacked on the beach by a bunch of people with flaming arrows – assumedly the original inhabitants of the Island, the "Hostiles". Meanwhile, Locke runs into Richard in the jungle. Richard removes the bullet from his leg and gives him a compass. Richard tells Locke that the next time he sees Locke he won't know who he is and the only way for him to figure out who Locke is during this next encounter is for Locke to show him the compass.

Richard also tells him that he has to bring those who left back to the Island. How will he accomplish this? He has to die.

Sayid's not doing so good with that whole dart debacle, so Hurley's dad (good ol' Cheech Marin) takes Sayid to Dr. Jack. Jack fixes Sayid up, but, after a call to Ben, it's clear he's done it for some devious reasons.

Sawyer, Juliet, and the team find themselves surrounded by British Dharma Operatives back in the past. Juliet's about to get her hand cut off when who else but Locke hurls a couple of knives through their backs.

Hurley, out of guilt, tells his mother that the Oceanic Six lied about what happened to them. His mother tells him that she believes his clearly bat-shit crazy story. Later, Ben shows up at Hurley's house and tells Hurley to come with him. Instead of doing that, Hurley runs out into the street where some policemen monitoring his parents' house (keep in mind that Hurley's wanted for murder) jump out and arrest him. It's gonna be difficult getting Hurley back to the Island when he's now on death row.

Ben leaves Hurley to go to Oxford (?), where he meets up with that crazy old lady from Desmond's first trip through time – the one who wouldn't sell him the ring to marry Penny (yeah, that jerk). She's doing some crazy, Illuminati-like mathematics. Ben informs her that he's lost Hurley. Ben wonders what will happen if they can't get back to the Island. "Then God Help us all…"

Dig It or Bury It?

My mind is aglow with transient nodes, careening into a cosmic vapor of invention… Yeah, Lost sure can do a number on your brain – and sometimes I feel I'm being tricked into liking episodes. "Because You Left" was amazing. It definitely took a big step down that long, long road of explaining what in God's name this show is all about -- and when Lost is jibber-jabbering about time-space continuum and quantum physics, there's no show better than it on television

"The Lie" on the other hand… erm… All the sweaty, fan-boy excitement that was pumping through my veins? – this episode helped cool it off. Maybe that's a good thing. I still haven't decided.

But I find this whole plotline with Hurley being insane and everyone else thinking he's insane (because he clearly IS insane) kind of trite – and for it to have a place in the first five episodes of the season, let alone the first two hours, is a questionable choice to me.


We don't have a fully resolute answer as to where the Island is, but we do now know that it's not only moved through space – but more importantly, through time. We also find out pretty quickly that Farraday and everyone not on the Island survived the move and went with it. We also find out just why exactly Locke dies – because he has to in order to get his friends back to the Island.


Is the lady from Desmond's first time-bending odyssey Faraday's mother – and how does she know Ben? What's happening to Charlotte? (And, most importantly, when will she be dead, please?) What the eff happened to Claire? Will Hurley ever be acquitted on three counts of manslaughter? Is Sun a season-five villain? What's she want out of her deal with Widdy? Will Desmond save the day once more?

Repeat Offenders

A decent amount of cameos to kick off the season… One from Dr. Marvin Candle at the beginning of the episode (or Pierre Chang, as you know to call him from the Comic-Con San Diego video that aired this year).

Ana Lucia pulls Hurley over on the side of road – giving Hurley ample more time to prove to us all that he's totally, bat-shit crazy.

Frogurt makes an appearance. No Nikki – but seeing an episode of Expose may as well be a Nikki sighting. Ethan Rom makes a return.

The Old Lady from Desmond's first time-travel shows up at the end of the second hour as, dare I say it, Faraday's mom?

Easter Eggs

Razzle dazzle! There's an episode of Expose thrown in there for Paolo and Nikki fans. (Well, I suppose that'd be more for Nikki fans...) Also, the compass that Richard gives to Locke and tells him to give him in the future is clearly one of the items Richard had with him when he visited Locke as a child. Not too much else of the holiday bunny variety in this episode though.

Bullet Biters

Frogurt is dead! That's right, if you remember him from last year's Lost: Missing Pieces mobisodes, Neil – or Frogurt (as Hurley so awesomely called him) – is dead. Ironically enough, he's hit with a flaming arrow in the chest at the exact moment you're thinking, "Will somebody shoot this guy in the chest with a flaming arrow!?" Some other anonymous Islander takes a flaming arrow to the back during the Others' purge as well. Locke kills two no-name Dharma fellows from the past. Sayid also stacks two more onto his already sky-rocketing stack of unlucky anonymous henchmen.


The Old Lady from Desmond's flashbacks is Farraday's mom. I think Sun is working for Widmore and is going to recruit Kate – pitting Hurley, Kate, Sun, and Widmore against Jack, Ben, and Sayid. Guess who's gonna win that one? Yes, most likely, Sayid "I Will Murder Anyone".

Jarrah. I also think that Farraday has brought himself to the Island so that he can help Dharma with their time-travel experiments – which is why we see him at the Dharma construction site in the beginning of the episode.

Yes, these are all things I think we can bet on coming true – but I've learned over my years of Lost viewing not to count on anything as a certainty on this show. See ya next week!