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Television Tourniquet: We Rip Open 'Reaper' -- Episode 2.1

Reaper Episode 2.1
"Episode IV: A New Hope"
Written By: Craig diGregorio
Directed By: Stephen Cragg
Original Airdate: 3 March 2009

In This Episode…

The second season opens with Sam, Ben and Sock at the end of their two-week-turned-into-four road trip.  Sam's girlfriend Andi is pissed because he ran away when things got tough, and she feared that he was dead.  The guys got evicted from their apartment, and they lost their job.  They rectify these last two problems speedily – they break into The Work Bench to camp out for the night.  Their ex-boss catches them, but some speedy blackmail turns him back into their boss.

The Devil shows up to give Sam his next assignment – take out twenty hardcore gangbangers.  That'll teach him for going on vacation.  Sam, Ben and Sock are gathered outside the gangbangers' warehouse/clubhouse/fight club, trying to figure out how they are going to take out these twenty scary dudes.  Two of them come upon the guys.  They cattle-prod one of them, and go for the second – nothing happens.  There is an "oh shit" moment – it seems that this particular vessel must recharge between soul-reapings.  That's going to be a problem.

Sam goes to The Devil to try to cash in some nepotism points and ask for some help on this assignment.  The Devil laughs in his face then gives him another twenty souls to reap. 

The boys decide to sit down and put together a game plan.  Instead, they get wicked-drunk.  Come morning, in a hangover stupor, Ben suggests they just get the gangbangers blackout drunk.  They set a "trap" – a truck packed with beer, and left wide open.  The gangbangers take the bait.  Once they have passed out, Sock and Ben lower Sam on a rope through the ceiling, Mission Impossible-style.  Sam gets about halfway through when the rope slips and sends him into the lap of one particularly ugly thug.

Sam tries to hold off the bangers with a fire hose, which works until the water dries up.  Brilliance strikes: Sam dips the cattle prod into the puddle created, and zaps the remaining gangbangers in one fell swoop.

Dig It or Bury It?

I only watched a handful of episodes last season, but I don't remember being impressed.  Either they got better, or my standards have been lowered, because this episode wasn't nearly as bad as I remember.  It was quirky and charming and laugh-out-loud funny.  I would like more horror to counterbalance the funny, but I truly did not hate this show.  Dare I say it, but I actually liked it.

One thing bothered me.  At the end, all the gangbangers are zapped back except one.  He, apparently, beat The Devil at his own game and doesn't have to go back to hell.  This guy tricks Sam into handing over the vessel, then hits him over the head with it.  We cut to commercial, and when we come back, Sam is in The Work Bench, all smiles, and telling Andi that if they find this guy, he too can beat the devil.  Did I blink and miss something?

Vessel… To Hell!

This week's vessel is a cattle prod.  Sam seems a little surprised by it – I'm not sure why.  Seems like a perfectly good way to zap souls back to hell.  This one is a first in that it needs to recharge between harvests.  The recharge is only a minute or two, but it is enough to really screw things up.

Cheeky Devil

The Devil's best line this week comes when Sam is trying to "summon" The Devil, using a cheap, mass-market occult book.  The Devil finds the book amusing, and flips through it.   "What is this?" The Devil asks Sam.  "'The devil is attracted to radishes?'  What does that mean?  Like, sexually?  That's disgusting.  Where did they get that?"


Next week, a very cool scaled-and-winged demon falls in love with Ben.  Ben does not seem to enjoy this.  And I like to think that the "I Beat The Devil" guy will be back, because his appearance this week was obnoxiously confusing.