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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Rip Open 'Reaper' -- Episode 2.10

Reaper Episode 2.10 "My Brother's Reaper"
Written by: Chris Dingess
Directed by: Ron Underwood
Original Airdate: 5 May 2009

In This Episode…

The guys have a full house.  Since her lair has been burned to the ground, Nina moves in.  And since Morgan has been cast out of his father's favor and left with nothing, Sam takes pity on him and lets him crash.  Ben gets jealous when Nina starts obviously flirting with Morgan when he tells stories of his bad-boy past.

The Devil asks Sam to deliver a sports car to a rich douchebag named Gary, who sold his soul.  Gary always reads the fine print, and refuses to sign – that is his contract with the Devil.  I don't know why Sam is surprised by this – he truly thought it was a delivery slip.  Idiot.  Anyway, Gary sics Barry Manilow, his pet polar bear, on Sam.  Sam escapes but drops the car keys.  The Devil is, understandably, pissed.  Sam refuses to get Gary's signature – that wasn't part of his deal – but the Devil changes Sam's mind when he points out that Sam has to honor his contracts – why shouldn't that asshole?  Sam, Sock, and Ben go back and try to trick Gary into signing the contract, but he isn't falling for it, and reveals his plan: repent at the 11th hour, and squirm his way into heaven through a loophole.  However, the Devil knows this, and tells Sam he will simply have an assassin take Gary out in the 10th hour.

The guys are hanging out with Tony, who brings them to a bizarre meeting he hosts at his house: The Path of Steve.  Tony's partner, Steve, proved that even demons can ascend to heaven, so Tony and the other demons who have fought back against the Devil are trying to do as many good deeds as possible for their chance to get into heaven.  It's here that Tony convinces Sam that having Gary sign the contract would make him no better than the Devil.

Sam warns Gary of the Devil's plan, and Gary is worried: he doesn't know how to repent.  So Sam brings him to a Path of Steve meeting, where he has a "revelation" and decides to give away all his material possessions and move to Africa to help orphans or animals or something.  It's at this same meeting that Nina brings Morgan, luring him to her "prayer meeting" with promises of sex later.  But it's a set up, and the demons at the party devour Morgan.  Nina has been flirting with Morgan to set up the trap the whole time.  The demons must kill the spawn of the Devil to prevent the apocalypse.  Don't worry; Sam is different.  He poses no threat, has a "different path to follow."

Dig It or Bury It?

By far the best episode this season.  Had the perfect mix of humor, action, strippers, and clowns.  There were demons.  There were stripping clowns.  There was a dude being eaten alive.  There were stripper clowns who gyrated while making balloon animals.  There was a polar bear.  Did I mention there were strippers painted up like clowns?

Stripper Clowns (Because Stripper Clowns Deserve Their Own Section)

Last week, I promised you stripper clowns, and I delivered.  Okay, the show delivered.  Ted announces he is engaged, and Sock becomes his BFF because he loves bachelor parties (who doesn't?).  Even though Ted finds out the next day that there will be no wedding (the girl he proposed to thought it was all a joke), Sock convinces him to go through with the party. And why stripper clowns?  Sock wanted strippers.  Ben wanted clowns.  The compromise?  Stripper clowns!  "The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of the party world!"  Those stripper clowns were so hot.  But so creepy.  But so hot.  Sock ends up banging one of them, while she is still in full makeup.

Stripper clowns, however, have consequences when not utilized responsibly.  The party is held after hours at The Work Bench, and Ted rats them out, cause he is just that big of a dickweed.  A couple suits from corporate raid the party and end up demoting Andi.

Vessel… To Hell!

No vessel this week, but there were stripper clowns.

Funny Devil

The guys open the show with a debate and the immortal words, "It's not gay to bang a clone of yourself."  Truer words have never been spoken.

Later in the episode, when Nina seduces Morgan into attending her "prayer meeting," he says, "Religion.  Sounds kinky." 

Oh, and there were these clowns who were half naked…


While not quite as awesome as stripper clowns, Ted becomes the new mascot of The Work Bench: a giant wrench.  He must defend The Work Bench – and his honor – against his arch nemesis, the giant hammer from a competing home store.