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Television Tourniquet: We Rip Open 'Reaper' - Episode 2.11


Reaper Episode 2.11
“To Sprong, With Love”
Written By: Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters
Directed By: Jamie Babbit
Original Airdate: 12 May 2009

In This Episode…

The Devil, unable to be bothered with the details, passes off Sam’s reap file with hardly a glance.  Sam is a little too pleased to discover his reap is his horrible high school biology teacher, Mr. Sprong. Sock is psyched, and even Andi wants to get in on the action.  They head to the school that evening, and find Sprong grading papers in his classroom.  He remembers his former students, and takes great pleasure in insulting them, until Sam vessel’s him – or at least, tries to.  Instead he just knocks Sprong unconscious.  While Sam is trying to figure out what went wrong, Andi is actually figuring out what went wrong.  Sprong wasn’t the soul; Sprong’s former student, Jordy (pictured with Sprong in a class photo in the file), was the soul they were looking for.

When Sprong comes to, he threatens to go immediately to the authorities.  Jordy pops up then – seems he can appear and disappear at will, making him nearly impossible to catch.  Sam insists that Sprong go with them so they can protect him.  Sprong refuses, Sock knocks him unconscious, and they take him home as a captive.  The gang take turns keeping an eye on Sprong; even Nina pitches in.  Unfortunately, Nina isn’t so good at it.  She leaves Sprong tied to the chair and goes to a movie.  When the guys get home, they discover Sprong is making a very slow getaway.  He refuses to believe that they are trying to help him. Jordy pops up, and the guys try to talk him out of killing Sprong.  Instead, he takes Andi hostage at knifepoint and zaps the two of them into the garage.  The guys bring Sprong in, intending to swap him for Andi.  Jordy lets Andi go, and approaches Sprong, knife raised high, ready to strike.  Before he can, Sprong pulls the vessel from behind his back and sends Jordy straight to hell.  Sprong beats up the guys with the vessel and runs.

Meanwhile, Nina has become a guy magnet.  Well, not exactly a guy magnet – a demon magnet.  She admits to Ben that she is in heat, and emitting pheromones that drive the demon boys crazy.  Her plan is to go into an underground lair to hide until  she is no longer in heat.  Ben wants to fight for his lady’s honor.  Nina worries for his safety, so Ben and Sock build a suit of armor out of supplies around the Work Bench.  Nina lures the demon to the yard then runs inside while Ben and the demon do battle.  Unfortunately for Ben, some of Nina’s pheromones got on him, so the demon is not battling Ben – he’s humping him.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was very boring, especially compared to last week’s stripper clown extravaganza.  It was light on humor, lighter on action, and Sprong brought up memories of my own evil teachers.  He was too creepy.  Far too much of this episode was touchy-feely with more of Ben being a little bitch, more of Andi and Sam flirting without acknowledging it.  All around this was a pretty dull episode.

Vessel… To Hell!

This week’s vessel was a giant mallet.  Think Hammer of Thor, but all wood.  Not really sure why it was a mallet.  It seemed to have no special significance, but did allow for some cartoonish violence.

Funny Devil

There was only one source of humor in this episode.  Ted, as acting manager, asks Sock to be the new mascot for The Work Bench.  Part of being a mascot includes dressing up as a giant wrench.  The Bargain Bench fires off a cease and desist letter, claiming that the wrench infringes on their giant walking mascot, a hammer.  Sock isn’t scared, so he continues dancing around The Work Bench parking lot as a wrench – and is jumped by the hammer.  It is flat-out hilarity, watching these two mascots wrestle each other.  Sam and Ben look on, mesmerized.  “Should we stop this?” Sam asks.  Ben responds, “We should.”  But neither moves a muscle.  Ted must jump in and break up the fight.


Next week, Sam enters corporate America – or corporate hell – when he joins The Devil at the offices of Evil Inc.