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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Rip Open 'Reaper' - Episode 2.12

Reaper Episode 2.12 "Business Casualty"
Written By: Matt Warshauer & Mariana Hope
Directed By: Fred Gerber
Original Airdate: 19 May 2009

In This Episode…

The Devil has a new assignment for Sam: corporate America.  He puts him to work in a huge, evil corporation (okay, that may have been redundant), and promises that as long as Sam works there, he doesn't have to reap souls.  This particular corporation specializes in luring souls into sinning, so the Devil may claim them.  Sam is an instant favorite with the CEO, Mr. Randall.  Phil, one of Sam's co-workers, does not take kindly to this.  He confronts Sam in his office, and threatens to throw himself out the window.  Sam talks him down, and Phil decides instead to throw Sam out the window.  In the ensuing struggle, Phil trips and plummets fifty stories to his death.

Randall thinks that Sam killed Phil, and is impressed by his ruthless bloodlust to get to the top.  Sam is promoted to the executive level, the 75th floor, with a special gold passkey.  The 75th floor looks like the NYSE of Hell – except this one has an actual portal to Hell.  Good thing, too, since Sam got a text from his dad, saying he was in the 3rd circle of Hell, and needed help – and he had a way for Sam to battle the Devil and win his soul back.  A human cannot go into hell, but a demon can.  Andi and Sam cajole Nina into going.  She is hesitant, afraid that the torture and maiming would be like heroin to a recovering addict.  But she does it out of friendship.

Ben and Sam sneak Nina up to the 75th floor after hours, and promise to return for her the next evening.  Unfortunately, Sam manages to get fired the very next morning.  Randall has watched the security video, and saw that Phil died on accident – Sam had nothing to do with it.  This disappoints Randall, especially because Sam took credit for it.  Sam is fired immediately and his gold passkey is confiscated.  Sam, Ben, and Sock devise a plan: they will sneak into Randall's health club and steal the passkey out of his locker.  The plan goes off without a hitch, and they make it back to the 75th floor to pick up Nina.  Nina has returned with a note from Sam's dad, but the paper is blank.  The next day, while barbecuing, Nina has a brilliant idea.  She drops the note into the fire, and text appears – an ancient demon dialect.  All they have to do is get the note translated, and Sam is home free.

Also in this episode, Nina decides to set Sock up with her demon friend, Maggie.  Maggie is an awkward, goofy tomboy whom Sock immediately blows off.  When Maggie reveals that she can choose whatever shape she – or Sock – desires, Sock is instantly interested, and gets Maggie to agree to change into his perfect girl.  He puts together a composite from photos and magazine clippings.  Maggie agrees and promises to show off her new shape the next day.  But when she meets Sock, she is still the same Maggie – she was just doing it to teach Sock a lesson.

Dig It or Bury It?

Wow, this episode was a stinker.  There was literally no action.  Nothing.  Everything moved at a snail's pace.  The plot felt forced.  There was no conflict.  The one problem – Sam losing his passkey – was resolved in mere minutes.  There weren't even any good lines in this one.  Ben and Sock had some really strong homosexual overtones – talking about how they always cut each other's hair and dress each other for dates – that has gone from being mildly amusing to strange and uncomfortable.  Nina was a delight as always, but that's about it.

Vessel… To Hell!

Blink and you will miss it.  In the teaser, Sam is tied to a hospital bed inside a decrepit asylum.  He adjusts the motorized bed to flip himself – mattress and all – to the floor.  On the floor, he grabs the vessel and saves his skin just before the beefy psychopath can attack.  The vessel: a bike horn.  Cute.

Funny Devil

Slim pickings, but when the Devil laments the death of his tailor, Sam says, "Don't you wear the same suit every day?"  The Devil is appalled.  "Kiddo, I change my clothes three times a day.  This is my afternoon suit."  Yeah, I told you it was slim pickings.


In next week's season finale, Sam finally battles the Devil for his own soul.  The game?  Quarters.  The drinking game.