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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Rip Open 'Reaper' -- Episode 2.2


Reaper Episode 2
"Dirty Sexy Mongol"
Written By: Kevin Etten
Directed By: Ron Underwood
Original Airdate: 10 March 2009

In This Episode…

The guys are hunting down a Mongolian Warlord in a horse stable.  They don't capture him, but they do scare him away with the ringing of that devilish invention of modernity, the cell phone.  On the upside, Ben finds a bunny who he names King Charlie and takes home.  The bunny is a source of contention throughout the episode.

Sam is still desperately searching for Alan Townsend, the mysterious guy from last week who broke his pact with the devil.  He talks to Gladys, who promises to meet him later to tell him what she knows.  But instead, she sends a wicked-awesome winged demon down to kill him.  Ben sets the demon alight with a Tiki torch, and the demon backs off. Another visit and a couple threats later, and Gladys gives up Alan's address.

Sam finally sees Alan face to face.  Alan is terrified that the Devil will find another reason to take him back, so he is hesitant to speak to Sam.  Sam offers protection and earns Alan's trust – until more demons swoop in and scare him away.  The Devil shows up, kills one demon, and sends the other back to the nest, Flying Monkeys-style, with the message that Sam is not to be touched.

Meanwhile, the search for the Mongol continues.  Ben insists the guys meet him at a Vietnamese restaurant.  He gives Sam and Sock a little history lesson with the aid of a Risk game board.  The Mongols invaded China first, then Korea, then Viet Nam.  So it would stand to reason…  Ben's reasoning is sound, the Mongol shows up, and one more soul is sucked back to hell.

Later, Ben is in the garage playing with his bunny (no, not a euphemism) when the demon shows up.  He races back towards the house, but Sock won't let him in because he is holding King Charlie.  I bet they're sorry when they see the demon carry Ben – and the bunny – off to his secret lair.  But rather than eat the captives, the demon comes on to Ben!  Creepier: Ben responds!  Less creepy: the demon can shapeshift into a total hottie.

Also in this episode: Sock tries to be more than just friends with his super-hot step-sister, Kristen.  He takes her out dancing, which backfires when she falls for a greasy lothario.  She is going to give him her virginity, but catches him having sex with another woman.  His surprisingly sensitive words of comfort just make her decide to hold on to her virginity until marriage – and Sock has to help keep her chaste.  Additionally, the smarmy Work Bench manager is fired when he makes sexual advances to a customer who turns out to be a secret shopper.

Dig It or Bury It?

There was too much exposition and relationship stuff in this episode.  Not enough action.  Not enough evil.  Not enough monsters.  It also felt like Sock was trying too hard to be the wacky-crazy-silly guy, like it wasn't coming naturally to him in this episode.  I was surprised to see he had some pretty decent dance moves.  Also, I must admit – I love King Charlie.  I have had pet rabbits my whole life, and they just don't get a fair shake on TV.  Rabbits are way cooler than cats.

Vessel… To Hell!

Fittingly, the Mongol is being hunted with a long spear.  I find it hilarious that when Sam brings it to the Vietnamese restaurant, he has it wrapped in plain paper so as not to arouse suspicions – but it still maintains its weapony shape.

Cheeky Devil

At one point during the episode, Sock is feeling particularly low.  He builds himself a fort out of paint gallons.  I don't know why, but that just made me laugh.  Maybe it was because when Sam comes looking for Sock to tell him the manager was fired, Sock bursts through his fort like Superman's sperm through a latex condom.  Later on, Sock refers to himself as a "sexual magician."

During Sam's second encounter with the Mongol, the warlord is wearing a suit and tie.  Sam tries again to scare him with his cell phone, but the Mongol brushes back his long, stringy hair to show off his new blue tooth headset.  Joke's on you, Sam!


Next week, Ben introduces Sock and Sam to his new lady friend.  They have no problem with her being a demon – but they do have a problem with her being the demon who tried to kill Sam.  Can this relationship survive?  Find out on the next As The Reaper Turns.