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Television Tourniquet: We Rip Open 'Reaper' -- Episode 2.4


Reaper Episode 4
"The Favorite"
Written by: Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters
Directed by: Kevin Dowling
Original Airdate: 24 March 2009

In This Episode…

Sam wins $1,000 from a lotto scratcher, but his plans to use the money to take Andi on a vacation with his winnings are thwarted when the Devil insists the money go towards bailing Morgan out of jail.  Who is Morgan?  The Devil's son – and Sam's half-brother.  A slick, smarmy Wall Street douchebag.  The Devil freely admits he plays favorites towards Morgan.

Sam's soul this week belongs to Evan Fitzgerald, an aged shipping magnate who's back on Earth to reclaim his treasure trove of antiquities.  The greedy old man was said to have swallowed his gold coins on his death bed so that no one could have his money.  One of the last items on Fitz's list is a portrait of himself.  The Devil tells Sam he must steal the portrait from the gallery that owns it in order to lure Fitz to a place where he could safely be caught.  To make matters more aggravating, the Devil tells Sam that he wants him to mentor Morgan, hoping that some (not too much) of Sam will rub off.

The boys abscond with the painting (after Morgan bails in favor of a party) and bring it home.  While trying to decide what to do with it, deadly golden beetles start creeping into the house, signaling Fitz's arrival.   These gold beetles started as the coins Fitz swallowed.  He coughs them up and they turn into gold beetles that like to kill by crawling into ears.  Sam, Sock and Ben partake in Stooge-style slapstick trying to keep the bugs at bay.  In the commotion, Fitz slips in, steals the painting, and leaves.  Pretty stealthy for an ancient zombie.

The guys must now track down Fitz and send him back to hell.  They find a shipping container where Fitz has been stashing his booty, but there is no old man.  Morgan steals one of Fitz's rings, which brings him out of hiding.  When Fitz and a minion of beetles converge on Morgan, he panics and throws the ring to Sam.  Sam offers the ring back Fitz, who unhinges his jaw, Grudge-style, and insists Sam drop the ring in his mouth.  In doing so, Sam vessel-izes Fitz, turning the beetles back into gold coins.

Elsewhere, Sock outsources his work to his unemployed former manager.  Nina admits to Ben that their sex life is lacking.  Ben fears that she is disgusted by his human form, or is not comfortable in her own human skin.  She finally admits that, when she used to be an angel, she fell in love with a human who was later killed when she was changed into a demon, and she is afraid to love again.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode should have been awesome.  Ol' Fitzy was basically a zombie (other than the insatiable appetite for brains) and his legion of beetles were shiny and decently bad-ass.  Yet he only had scant minutes of screen time.  The rest of the episode was wasted on Ben being a big girl about his relationship, and Sam whining about how "Daddy likes you best."  On the upside, there was some good humor in this episode.

Vessel… To Hell!

Easily the most boring vessel so far: a dagger.  A dagger is so boring – it's such an obvious weapon!  How about a cowboy hat?  Or a spoon?  No one ever suspects the spoon.  Nevertheless, a dagger was the vessel.  Sam jammed it into Fitz, quick and easy.  He also learned the hard way that the vessel does not work on the beetles.

Funny Devil

This episode was lousy with humor.  I loved the slapstick scene of Sock, Sam and Ben swatting each other to save themselves from brain-eating bugs.  Sock actually hits Ben over the head with a frying pan.  A couple of good one-liners: when Ben asks Nina how demon food differs from human food, she says, "It's usually still squirming."  And when Sam whines about the Devil playing favorites with Morgan, the Devil's only words of comfort are, "I'm always going to like him a little better than you."


It's Three Work Bench Employees and a Baby.  I don't know whose baby it is, or where it came from, but most people would probably agree that a baby would be better off with OctoMom than these three goofballs.