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Television Tourniquet: We Rip Open 'Reaper' -- Episode 2.7

Reaper Episode 2.7
"The Good Soil"
Written By: James Eagan
Directed By: Michael Patrick Jann
Original Airdate: 14 April 2009

In This Episode...

The Devil sends Morgan to get another "reaping lesson" from Sam.  He offers Sam $20,000 in exchange for Sam doing the reap himself and letting Morgan take all the credit.  Done deal.

This week's soul is Billy Boyland, who was hit by a truck while coveting (aka mentally undressing) a married woman.  Personally, I think he was killed because of his stupid name.  The boys find Billy in a diner, and try to reason with him.  Billy runs, and the guys corner him.  Billy finally admits that he is a virgin, and wants to get laid before going back to hell.  Sock is only too happy to help.

Billy refuses a prostitute, and instead wants to go to a bar that is a popular stalking ground for cougars.  Ben loses a game of "Not It," and must be Billy's wingman.  Billy has selected the woman he wants, and Ben seduces her pal away so that Billy can put the few moves he has on his cougar.  The boys are concerned when Billy disappears.  They follow him to his cougar's house, and try to collect him in the morning.  Billy is in love with Cindy, and she with him.  This was the woman he was coveting, but she has since divorced, and now she loves him, too.

Sam, being the softy he is, can't stand to break up true love.  He has one plot, and it is a long shot.  He, Ben, and Sock dig up Billy's grave and try to vessel his dead body.  It seems to work, until Sam and Morgan drop off the vessel and it is rejected.  A girl fight between Morgan and Sam ensues, but Sam's problems don't end there.  The Devil is not happy, and has sent The Ender after Billy.  The Ender is a "fail safe" ? an unstoppable force that obliterates everything ? not even a soul remains.

The guys go warn Billy and find out that he pussed out of sleeping with Cindy ? he wanted to know her emotionally before he knew her physically.  As The Ender approaches in a brewing storm, the guys set up a love nest for Billy and Cindy.  The Ender arrives, a huge, looming traditional figure of death, and approaches the bedroom: Tables, chairs, anything in his way dissolves.  The Ender approaches the bedroom door, freezes ? and leaves.  Morgan later finishes the deal with a fresh vessel.

Sock tries to "bond" with Kristin's dad, but it doesn't work.  Kristin goes back to Japan ? not because of Sock, but because that was the plan all along, to go home when she finished school.  Nina decides she wants to celebrate her and Ben's two-month anniversary by taking him flying.  Ben is afraid, but finally agrees, and finds it exhilarating.  Sam is trying to get back together with Andi, and her resolve is beginning to wear.  Alan, the reaper who got out of his pact, shows up when Sam goes to visit Billy's grave one final time, but he disappears before Sam can corner him.

Dig It or Bury It?

Seriously, is this show turning into The Facts of Life?  In this episode, Ben pours his heart out to the psychotherapist he meets at the bar, decides he needs to learn to love himself (not in the good way) and makes a "vision board" of how he sees himself.  Later, he is the one who comes up with the theory as to why The Ender stopped his quest.  Apparently, when Billy and Cindy were fucking ? I'm sorry, I mean making love - their two souls became one and The Ender lost the scent.  I managed not to puke but that negated any enjoyment this episode might have offered.

Vessel? To Hell!

While the episodes get crappier, the vessels get better.  This week?  A dodgeball!

Funny Devil

Ben visits Nina's barn/cabin/loft thing, and she makes him cover his eyes ? she has a surprise for him.  He looks, and her place looks the same, save for a wingback chair.  Excitedly, Nina exclaims, "I redecorated with human furniture!"


Next week, the guys go through five stages of grieving ? three of which are horniness.  But we don't actually know who or what dies.  I am hoping it is the estrogen level of this show.