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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Rip Open 'Reaper' -- Episode 2.8


Reaper Episode 2.8 "The Home Stretch"
Written By: Craig DiGregorio & Kevin Etten
Directed By: Bob Berlinger
Original Airdate: 21 April 2009

In This Episode…

The Devil steps up the competition between his two sons by giving each of them a vessel, but only one soul to catch with it.  Whoever catches the soul will be the Devil's right-hand man.  The other will be cast out, and lead a miserable existence.  Sam offers to help Morgan catch the soul and let him take all the credit.

Meanwhile, the gang decides to stake out the cemetery in order to track down Alan and demand he share his secrets of beating the Devil.  After some light torture at the race track (Alan was a compulsive gambler; one slip-up and it is back to hell he goes), Alan finally tells Sam he wants to help, but it would put him on the Devil's radar.  The gang finally work out a plan.  They will help Alan relocate to Vatican City – an entire city of consecrated ground, where he can come and go as he pleases.  In return, he will finally give up the secret to breaking a pact with the Devil.

Sam and Morgan head out to reap their soul, belonging to a murderer, druggie, thief thug named Bud.  They find him in a chop shop building.  Morgan "compares" his vessel to Sam's (during which time he obviously switches the two) and waits outside while Sam does the dirty work.  Sam's vessel isn't working – Morgan gave him a fake.  He grabs a nearby nail gun and shoots Bud in the leg until he limps away to lick his wounds.

The Devil zaps Morgan and Sam to a coffee shop, where he essentially tells the two to stop dicking around and reap the soul.  The thing Bud was building in his chop shop was a portal to hell.  Should he complete his work, he would bring his buddies out of hell to wreck havoc on the Earth.  All the souls killed by these baddies would then get to go to heaven because they were just "innocents."  The Devil can't have that.  So Sam and Morgan head back to the chop shop.  Unfortunately, Bud has just completed his portal, and two of his Hell's Angel rejects come strolling out.  Sam's plan is to distract the cronies long enough for Morgan to reap Bud's soul.  Unfortunately the vessel goes right through the portal.  The boys eventually get the three ruffians to fall into the portal, which implodes immediately thereafter.

Sam and Andi take Alan to the airport.  He tells Sam that the Devil can never turn down a challenge.  Find something you are really, really good at, challenge the Devil, and beat him.  Then he has to let your soul go.  There is one other part to the deal, which Alan refuses to share until he is safely within Vatican City limits.  For his own safety of course.

Also in this episode: Ben's grandma comes to visit.  He is afraid to introduce Nina to her because Grandma can see evil.  Nina thinks Ben is exaggerating until she meets the old woman.  She later tries to make amends, and it works – until Grandma's chihuahua gets loose, surprises Nina, and sends her into demon form and Grandma into a heart attack.  Ben tells Nina that he told Grandma they had broken up so as not to offend her further.  Instead Nina is truly offended, and Ben ends up breaking up with her.  Bad idea, dude.  She is a demon.


Andi and Sam are on the road to getting back together.  Nina is on the road to destroy Ben.  Alan is on the flight path to the Vatican… until his flight makes an unexpected maintenance stop in Vegas, and all passengers are given $100 in complementary casino chips….

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode had decent laughs, and Ben finally grew a pair.  Well, maybe not a full pair.  I think one is still waiting to descend.  But in any case, there were far fewer annoyances this episode.  Except one: the whole "Devil Went Down To Georgia" thing.  The Devil's love for contests has been around as long as the idea of the Devil himself.  Why didn't Sam figure that out on his own?  Did he even bother to do any research about his – for lack of a better word – affliction?  That was a bit of laziness right there.  Hopefully Alan will survive long enough to reveal part two in "How To Regain Your Soul and Pick Up Hot Chicks," and it will be something creative and interesting.

Vessel… To Hell!

Tonight's vessel is… a fire extinguisher!  Wait, that didn't deserve an exclamation point.  While it was fun to watch Bud the Thug get sprayed with fire retardant fluff (when Morgan switched out the real vessel for the real extinguisher), it truly left out an exciting or amusing component.  Last week's dodgeball is still my favorite.

Funny Devil

The Devil hits it out of the park before the opening credits.  When describing how the loser of his contest will have a crap life, Sam says, "My life is already garbage."  The Devil retorts, "Well, we will have to find a way to make it worse."


Who would have thought that the Devil would have trouble catching a girl?  Not I.  But next week, he falls for a stunning Brit who won't give him the time of day.  The Devil enlists – not Morgan – but Sam to help him bag the hottie.  Now who is the favorite, Morgan?