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Television Tourniquet: We Rip Open 'Reaper' -- Episode 2.9

Reaper Episode 2.9 "No Reaper Left Behind"
Written and Directed by: Tom Spezialy
Original Airdate: 28 April 2009

In This Episode…

It has been two hours since Alan's plane was to land in Vatican City, and Sam is desperately waiting for a call.  Instead, the Devil zaps Sam into a clothing store, "dressing him for success" and gifting him a motorcycle. It's all to soften the blow: the Devil took care of Alan and reclaimed him for Hell.  On the upside, Sam gets a break from reaping.  The Devil is sending him to be tutored in the ways of evil.

Upon arriving at a well-gated mansion, Sam meets Sally, the lovely Brit who will be his tutor.  She gives him a pop quiz and determines he does not have the capabilities for evil.  But Sam is okay with that.  He just wants to get whatever he can from Sally to use it against the Devil.  Sally agrees that Sam can come back and they will keep up the pretenses of tutoring – she is lonely. 

The Devil gives Sam a veggie steamer to give to Sally.  She had flagged it in a catalog he found in her garbage.  Yes, the Devil is stalking Sally.  Adorable.  Sam has decided he is going to seduce Sally into getting Devil-destroying-info.  Andi admits she is jealous but won't stand in the way.  At dinner, Sam is plying Sally with wine.  Unfortunately their wine steward ends up being the Devil, who causes a scene.  Sally storms out, shouting that she will never be with him again.  The Devil is now annoyed that his son is swooping in on his girl, and annoyed at Sally's resistance to him.  So Sam has a mission after all: send Sally back to Hell.

Sally doesn't seem surprised when Sam shows up to reap her.  He offers her a deal: he takes all the blame for their burgeoning relationship and does not send her to hell, in exchange for dirt he can use to beat the Devil at his own game.  They fight, and the Devil bursts through the window, there to save the day.  But he is the ultimate bad boy, so the plan works, and he and Sally go upstairs to make brimstone love.

Also: Nina tries several times to kill Ben, but eventually they make up and are back together.  Unfortunately it is too late for Nina's home.  In an effort to defend his best friend, Sock has lit Nina's lair on fire.  No hard feelings, though.  Sam's dad, tired of being undead, requests his son send him to Hell.  The guys give Dad a cell phone, and Dad promises to find Alan while in Hell and text Sam with the details of how to beat the Devil.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a rather enjoyable episode.  It was quite amusing to watch the Devil flit around as unapologetically love struck.  I'm glad Nina and Ben are together, mainly because Nina is a great character and I don't  want to see her go.  I do think that Sam's "seduction" of Sally could have been more bumbling.  That just would have been funny and a little more in character.  Instead he was caught somewhere between timid and suave – which, incidentally, averages out to just that: average.

Vessel… To Hell!

Weaksauce.  This week's vessel was a revolver.  Let me repeat that: a revolver.  Let me repeat something else: weaksauce.  At the end, when Sam sends his dad back to hell, he uses a Nerf gun, which is much more entertaining, but I never did figure out where he got a spare vessel.  Does he keep one around for the what-ifs?

Funny Devil

Sam storms out on the Devil while they are clothes shopping.  "I'm not done showering you with gifts!" he calls to Sam.  A rancher walks up with a miniature horse with a giant red bow on his back.  "Now is not the time," the Devil dismisses him.  Later, the Devil wants to "open up to [Sam].  Imperfect father to well-dressed son?"


I have two words for you: stripper clown.  There is no way that can be bad.