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News Article

Telltale’s ‘Walking Dead’ Shuffles Out 8.5 Million Episodes


Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Video Game certainly impressed us five times over last year, mixing zombie apocalypse brutality with human tragedy, all but raising the adventure genre from the dead while simultaneously raising the bar for licensed titles.  It looks like a bunch of you folks out there agreed, as Telltale revealed to The Wall Street Journal that they had pushed out 8.5 million episodes of the game.

Some quick math reveals that around 1.7 million pairs of eyes got all watery at the ending of the game, assuming that everyone purchased all 5 episodes (there were some promotional deals where the first episode was free, and I’m no statistician), which means that Telltale is now about $40 million richer.  Also, a quarter of those sales went to “mobile users,” which is also pretty telling in regards to the future of gaming on iPads.

But wait, there’s more.  Telltale revealed to Red Bull (really?) that they were working out how they can import those beefy, decision-filled save files from the first season into the second.  Given the relatively ragged state of the group at the end of Season One, there may not be too much to carry over (except for poor Clementine’s severe PTSD), but it gives an additional sense of weight to all those brutal decisions that you had to make over the first five episodes.