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News Article

Texas Chainsaw Again?

*Shy* this is the sound of sadness coming over me. I have to say, I am so tired of remakes that I might just keel over… With this in mind, it brings me to my next story of the day. Even though, we were promised that it had ended with ‘The Beginning’, it has been rumored another sequel for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is being propositioned. Now don’t get me wrong I think that the entire series is great, but I do believe its time to put them to rest. Although, it is just a rumor you can’t put anything past the studios these days.

According to Shock Till You Drop through the insanely cool, look let me just quote their story so there's no mix up how weak this is...

Shock has learned Platinum Dunes and New Line are seriously flirting with a third Texas Chainsaw Massacre film...After doing some digging, we've heard a few puzzle pieces need to fall into place before the film is official and story pitches can be taken.

Okay, check that again, "seriously flirting" and there's certain things to be done before it's official or even story pitches are if this is true it's incredibly early and could just be a conversation that happened in a board room somewhere.