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Texas Chainsaw Massacre-Themed Halloween Yard Decorations Declared Too Scary For Kids


Chainsaw Massacre on Grove Road

As much as it pains me to even type this, the truth of the matter is that Halloween just isn't what it used to be.  Hot on the heels of that news report from Oklahoma, where a man had the cops called on him because of his outdoor Halloween decorations, comes another story that serves as a sad reminder of this fact.

Over in the British town of Stevenage, James Creighton goes all out to decorate his front yard every year, turning his home into a spooky haunted house.  Though he's been doing it for the past three years, this year's Texas Chainsaw Massacre theme was apparently the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back - after a complaint from a neighbor, Creighton was forced to take the decorations down, weeks before Halloween.

The real bummer of all of this is that the reason Creighton decorates his home for Halloween is to raise money for cancer research, and all donations received for this year's 'Chainsaw Massacre on Grove Road' were going to Cancer Research UK - a charity the man got involved with after his grandmother died of cancer, four years ago.

"What a world we live in!" wrote Creighton on the Facebook page he started for his front yard haunt, going on to say that he feels it's sad that a neighbor called the cops on him, when all he was trying to do was entertain trick or treaters and raise money for charity.  What a world, indeed.

You can check out pictures of the totally harmless decorations over on the Chainsaw Massacre on Grove Road Facebook page.