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These Creepy Valentines Say I Love You to Death


From Universal monsters, to the Walking Dead comic book, horror hounds have so many ways to say, “Be mine for all eternity.”

We’ve chosen a few awesomely scary valentines that are slightly less sweet than the ones you got on your desk in elementary school, but every bit as sincere. Oh they’re handmade, too! Check them out below:

Eat your heart out. The Walking Dead comic book zombie-themed card. “I’d chews you.”

The Walking Dead say happy Valentine's Day

Serial killers say it best. Richard Ramirez, Harry Powers, Ken & Barbie Killers, Green River Killer, HH Holmes, Son of Sam send you their love. “The dog in my head is barking for you.”


Serial Killer Valentines

Universal monsters take the classic route with heartfelt messages.

Mosnters Called to Say They Love You

The Things wants you – body and soul.

The Thing Wants You