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Before They Were On 'Dexter...'



As Dexter winds down, it is good to remember that the cast had roles before Dexter; they will have roles after. We take a look back at some of their lesser-known or most out-of-Dexter-character roles we could find.

Michael C. Hall

Before Michael C. Hall landed his breakout mainstream role as a mortician in HBO’s Six Feet Under, he was a stage actor. This is a clip from his first Broadway role in Cabaret in 1999.

Jennifer Carpenter

I’m sure this is one Jennifer Carpenter would love to forget... White Chicks (2004). I’m sure we would all love to forget it.

David Zayas

David Zayas has made a career out of roles in procedurals. One of his earliest was as a witness to a crime on a short-lived TV series called New York Undercover (1996). Fun fact: Zayaz’s Dexter costar, Lauren Velez, also starred on this show. Fun fact #2: Fringe star Lance Reddick also guest starred in this episode, entitled “The Enforcers.”

Zayas comes in around the three minute mark

Lauren Velez

One of Lauren Velez’s first role was a starring role in a small studio film called I Like it Like That (1994). She plays Lisette, a mother trying to juggle a strained marriage that gets worse when her husband goes to jail; unruly kids; and run-ins with the neighborhood tramp.

Desmond Harrington

Look closely - that is Desmond Harrington, the Jamba Juice customer standing silently behind Rachel Dratch

Bonus clip: Harrington was on Gossip Girl (2012). That is far scarier than anything on Dexter.

James Remar

As the “elder statesman” of Dexter, James Remar has had the longest career of any of his Dexter co-stars. With over 100 roles to his credit, picking just one was tough. But I think this dance sequence from Rent-A-Cop (1987) is a good choice:

Okay, one more. From his turn in the cult classic The Warriors (1979)

Julie Benz

We all know and love Julie Benz as the mean girl cheerleader-turned-vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. But before that, Benz starred in a short-lived Nickelodeon series that spoofed that traditional 1950s sitcom: Hi Honey, I’m Home (1991).

Aimee Garcia

Before she was the hot nanny on Dexter, Aimee Garcia was the hot, immature niece on The George Lopez Show.