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News Article

Three (Former) Zombeasts in Search of a Voice!

Not too long ago, I was sorry to learn about the breakup of Arizona horror-punk quartet Zombeast… the group called it quits shortly after the release of their gruesome, serial killer-themed video for the single “Life of Hell” (pictured above) and made the official announcement earlier this month that they were deep-sixing the act in order to “grow as musicians” and to “focus our time and energy [on] other projects.”

Well, it turns out they were dead serious about that last part, because the band’s core members have put the word on the street that their next venture is already in the works, and they are now seeking a vocalist. Want to know if you’ve got the pipes (and the hair) for the gig? Read on!

In the latest bulletin to their fans, Zombeast instrumentalists J. Zombie, Kris and Beau put out the notice that their new project would not be a continuation of their original horror-inspired goth/punk theme in any way – the new concept is reportedly “dark and heavy and runs on the edge of metal… but it also has Goth overtones and vibes.”

They aren’t just sitting around dreaming about it either: “This is a serious thing and we're looking to get to work right away,” says the trio, who are moving forward without vocalist Mario (whose vocals solidified the original band’s Danzig-era Misfits sound). As their new influences, they cite iconic dark-themed bands from several genres: Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Cure, Cradle of Filth and AFI are some of the examples listed.

The new unit is actively looking for a male singer at least 18 years of age, and are open to applicants outside of Arizona (provided they’re willing to pack up their shit and split if they get the gig). “If you have a talent, lets hear it,” the guys declared. “We're all very easygoing guys.”

If you think you’ve got what it takes, look ‘em up at the Zombeast official MySpace.