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News Article

'THRILLER': The Musical... Huh?


This just in from the “Help Me I Am In Hell” department: Big-shot theater owner and stage producer James L. Nederlander has just purchased the rights to Michael Jackson's Thriller with the intention of mounting a full-on stage musical based on the legendary 1982 long-form music video. I'll give you a moment to let the horror of that first paragraph settle in.

Nederlander reportedly obtained the right to use songs from the history-making album – as well as those from Michael's landmark 1979 release Off the Wall – to create a production based loosely on the classic John Landis-directed video that all you misguided children of the '80s (yes, that includes your humble reporter) watched every single damn time it came on. Details are still pending at this point, as no creative team has been officially attached and a development date has not been set. But rumor has it the former King of Pop may be actively involved.

Since '80s pop culture is making sort of a comeback lately, and Wacko Jacko's basically become such a meta-parody he's basically canceled his current self out of existence, it might – just possibly – be halfway cool again to expand on that girl-dates-werewolf story, and explore the choreographic possibilities of the whole head-bobbing zombie dance thing... but frankly, I'm not counting on it. Hey don't blame me, I just report this stuff. But seriously, I'm sorry to spring this on you so soon after announcing the whole Star Wars Musical Whatever.

Next up: Gymkata: The Ballet!