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Tim Burton-esque Furniture By Designer Judson Beaumont


Canadian designer Judson Beaumont makes fantastical furniture. He is best known for his cabinets, especially his curvy, warped, and comic book-style cabinets. But what strikes me most about Beaumont's work is how much of it looks like it belongs in a Tim Burton movie.

The collection I dig the most is Squiddy. "Wee black monster tables" look like they have tentacles or are covered in monster fur.

They get even cooler when you light them from the underside, and you are besieged with an army of alien invaders.

In addition, Beaumont has a signature piece called the Little Black Dresser. Playing off the "little black dress" that all girls have in their closets (or their dressers), this chest of drawers looks like a dress on a hanger. Beaumont took it one step further for Halloween, and dressed up one of his Little Black Dressers as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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