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News Article

'The Tingler' Gets a Major Technological Upgrade


Well, not The Tingler itself, but the idea. William Castle's 1959 sci-fi flick The Tingler was notable mainly for the stunt Castle conceived around the film: he would wire up the seats in the theater to give moviegoers a buzzing jolt in their seat during key points of the film.

Leave it to the Japanese to make a better "Tingler." Doctoral student Shogo Fukushima has invented what he calls the "Chilly Chair." Basically, the chair uses mild, carefully controlled electrical currents to cause the hairs on your arms and back to stand on end. The theory is that, since your hairs often stand on end when you are creeped out, having that reaction coaxed out of you when timed with a particularly frightening scene will enhance that creeped out feeling. 

You can get all the technical deets (along with a very dull video) at