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News Article

'Todd & The Book of Pure Evil' Comes to FEARNET


Canadian horror/comedy Todd & The Book of Pure Evil is a cult hit in its homeland, and is coming to America by way of FEARnet this August. The series is about a mystical book that grants teenagers' deepest, darkest desires, but demands payback at a horrible price. More after the jump.

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil stars Alex House (Dark Oracle), Maggie Castle (Dead Mary), Melanie Leishman (Never Cry Werewolf), and Jason Mewes (Clerks). It is based on a short film from 2003 by Craig David Wallace and Max Reid.

Season two of the cult series is in production in Manitoba, Canada, but you can catch up on the series right here. FEARnet HD will begin airing season one on August 2nd. Don't get FEARnet HD? Find out how to get it.