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News Article

'Todd & the Book Of Pure Evil' Need Your Help!


Normally we don't push Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign - there are too many good ones and not enough space - but this one is for family. Todd family.

Todd & the Book Of Pure Evil needs your help for a third season. The cult Canadian horror-comedy (which we air on FEARnet) was canceled after its second season and they desperately want to give fans a third season. So with your help, they can wrap up the loose ends with an animated movie (animated to keep the costs down). They need $75,000 to get the campaign funded.

Some of the perks available for contributors include a personalized digital diploma for Crowley High; copies of the movie; signed goodies; an invite to the premiere; producer credits; and my favorite - Jason Mewes will Tweet how awesome you are.

To help, check out their Indiegogo page.