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News Article

Tom Holland to Appear on 'Why We Heart Vampires'


Just in time for Day of the Dead, and to fill out NBC's new Friday genre block, the network will air a new special called "Why We (Heart) Vampires." As you can probably guess, it is all about vampires! Our friend, Tom Holland, will appear on the show, which is a "collection of fun, comedic interviews accompanied by entertaining clips from our favorite vampire moments" and will also include interviews from cast members of NBC's Dracula, Anne Rice, Elvira, and more. Holland, as I'm sure you all know, is the director behind Fright Night, as well as the upcoming FEARnet series "Tom Holland's Twisted Tales." 

"Why We (Heart) Vampires" airs November 1st at 8pm on NBC.

You can enjoy of all Tom's "Twisted Tales" beginning on November 4th, when all 10 episodes will be available for "binge viewing" on FEARnet.