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Tom Waltz Talks 'Silent Hill 8' and Comic Book


Silent Hill writer Tom Waltz talks Silent Hill 8 (working title) and the new Silent Hill  comic book character crossover with FEARnet at San Diego Comic-Con.

Can you tell us the story behind the new comic?

The story originated really I think because I was on the forums. I like to cruise the Silent Hill forums and I saw them talking about how there hadn't been a game that had told a historical story yet. There have been hints in the story timelines, but the story hadn't been told. And I thought there was this timeline here in the 1800's where the town is seemingly normal and I had this character in mind named Jebediah Foster that I had wanted to write about, I always thought of an outlaw and cowboy. So we came up with this story that he's an outlaw and a really bad guy, and he meets this godly widow who changes his ways, think of [Clint] Eastwood's Unforgiven. She has a family home in Silent Hill that's abandoned that she wants to move to away from the madness out west that she thinks will change them. Of course when they get there these things he's done in his past and like any good Silent Hill story he'll have to face the ghosts of his past.

When can we pick it up and how long of a run is it?

It's a 4 issue run, it starts in October, so if you wanna see this, you gotta go to your local comic-book store and ask them to stock  it.

I'm also co-writing the new Silent Hill video game that's coming out next year, we have a unique opportunity where we're going to use a  character from the comic book in the video game. I'm hoping that gets the fans going crazy and curious because the new game is a modern  story and the comic take place in 1867. So we're hoping people will be wondering, 'how the hell can that happen?’

How far along with the game are you?

What I can say is we've written the story and we started to do some voice acting. I'm really excited about it. This was a unique opportunity in which I was able to go from fan to comic book creator to being able to work on the video games itself. There's a lot of   debate out there already obviously, there's been one trailer that let to 20,000 posts (online) guessing and they've broken down that trailer in ways I never would have. Some of that speculation is accurate, some of it is not obviously. What I'll say is, this is going to be a great game and it's going back to the core spirit, maybe people would point to Silent Hill 2. It's character driven, it's very dramatic and I think it's gonna rejuvenate the title.

These comics they matter to Konami and they matter to the Silent Hill universe. They're not just throw away anymore. Because a role that a character plays in the game, which I have to leave as a mystery, plays a part in this comic book. You can play the game and not read the comic book and understand this character but you'll REALLY understand this character if you read the comics and then play the game.

Once 'Team Silent' disbanded and it just became Konami's game but not the original creators, the speculation was it's just a franchise they're milking and no one cares, but the truth is, everyone cares. To the point in which we've had arguments over one word in a piece of dialogue because we care so much. Everyone's arguing, 'he wouldn't say that!' and in the end we're able to compromise and it works better now that we've been through that process. Everyone on this team is a fan and cares what the fans think.