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Too Brutal for the Ball? See Burning Human's New Video

The video for Tormented Mind — the latest single from New York death metallers Burning Human — was originally slated for airing on MTV2's Headbangers Ball, until the network's powers-that-be decided it was too brutal for TV. Frankly, we think they might have overreacted a bit... but then again, we like it rough around here, so who are we to judge? Instead, why not watch the uncensored video below and decide for yourself?

Tormented Mind, the new single from Burning Human's full-length debut Resurrection Through Fire, was adapted into a gritty mini-horror flick by acclaimed video director David Brodsky (who has worked with bands like GWAR, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory and tons more), and his production team MyGoodEye.

Guitarist Mike Stack reported on the band's official blog that they refused to edit down the video after the MTV suits rejected it as too violent. “As much as we love Headbangers Ball,” Stack says, “we think it's way more metal to be banned by MTV than [to] actually BE on MTV!”

Check out the uncut internet version of the video right here...