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The Top 10 Episodes of 'Supernatural'

Over the years, Supernatural viewers have experienced family, life, death, lust, heartbreak, love and resurrection with Sam and Dean Winchester. There's been a lot to love and if the hardcore fan base had their way, they would sell their souls for another seven spook-filled seasons. Unfortunately, the CW has yet to pick Supernatural up for another year, so just in case, FEARnet is taking a haunting trip down memory lane with The Top 10 Supernatural Episodes.

Aired: September 13, 2005
Season One, Episode 1

By nature, pilots are designed to captivate an audience and leave them hungry for more. It should introduce the main characters, their circumstances, set up the show's mythology and give people a taste of what they can expect on a weekly basis. The Supernatural premiere accomplished that and a whole lot more, while grabbing viewers by the intestines and ripping them apart. The episode established Sam and Dean's brotherly relationship, Sam's conflict over following in the family monster-hunting business and that their father was missing. Then there was an encounter with the ghostly Woman in White and discovering Sam's girlfriend Jessica pinned to the ceiling before bursting into flames. Engaging, funny and creepy, the pilot hit all the right notes and set the tone for seasons to come.

Aired: May 3,2007
Season 2, Episode 20

Be careful what you wish for! During a confrontation with a dijinn, Dean gets his heart's desire. After waking up, Dean quickly discovers his mother, Mary, wasn't killed by the demon Azazel. He also wasn't raised to be a hunter, he's no longer close to his brother Sam and he now has a girlfriend and likes to mow lawns. Normal bliss at last! Except it's all one big illusion and any previous supernatural baddies the brothers had dispatched are back. Can Dean tear himself away from this new-found wonderful life? Not only was this Supernatural creator Eric Kripke's directorial debut, but the false reality episode was an emotional rollercoaster ride that provided plenty of character development, as well as loads of heart and angst. 

Aired: February 14, 2008
Season 3, Episode 11

Mystery Spot shattered the typical monster-of-the-week formula and proved to be one of Sam and Dean's worst days ever...over and over and over again. On a seemingly normal Tuesday, Dean is killed by a shotgun to the chest. Devastated, Sam soon discovers himself trapped in a time loop where, despite his best efforts, Dean continually dies in random and bizarre ways. It's all part of The Trickster's, aka the angel Gabriel, lesson in tough love. What makes this episode a tour-de-force is how it examines dealing with loss while easily switching gears with comedy, such as Dean's hilarious lip-synching Asia's Heat of the Moment or the strange montage of his abundant deaths.

April 24, 2008
Season 3, Episode 13

Imagine Supernatural as a Blair Witch-esque filmed reality show. That's the mess the Winchesters are sucked into when they run into paranormal investigators Harry Spangler, Ed Zeddmore and their friends, who are shooting their documentary-style series at the haunted Murdoch House. Dubbed The Ghostfacers, the gang are more Scooby Doo than Mulder and Scully, and soon find themselves in trouble when the evil spirit gets the drop on them. Of course, it's up to Sam and Dean to save the day in spite of the oblivious, and somewhat annoying, Ghostfacers. Needless to say, hilarity and tragedy ensue.

Aired: September 18, 2008
Season 4, Episode 1

After being dragged to Hell, who, or what, has the power to snatch Dean from the deepest corners of the underworld? That is the glaring question that kicked off season four when Dean inexplicably woke up in a coffin after supposedly dying. Psychic Pamela Barnes' eyes burned up before delivering the cryptic answer...angels. Lazarus Burning has it all. The resurrection of Dean. Sam tapping into his demon-exorcising mojo under the tutelage of Ruby. Most importantly, the Winchesters meet their new BFF, not to mention fan-favorite heavenly vessel, Castiel. The episode crammed in so much buzz-worthy material and in the aftermath, angels have had a profound presence over the next few seasons.

Aired: November 5, 2009
Season 5, Episode 8

Don't you dare touch that remote! After it seems the Incredible Hulk might be responsible for a local man's death, Sam and Dean soon find themselves stuck in a rotation of TV parodies including Grey's Anatomy, CSI, a Japanese game show and Knight Rider. Turns out the Trickster is up to, you know, his old tricks again. Side-splittingly funny with it satirical spoofs, the episode also features the big reveal that the Trickster is actually the archangel Gabriel, who has been hiding from his dysfunctional family.

November 19, 2009
Season 5, Episode 10

Sam, Dean and Castiel reunite with mother/daughter hunting team Ellen and Jo Harvelle to track down Lucifer. Ambushed by the demon Meg, Jo is mortally wounded while saving Dean from a pack of hellhounds. With the stakes clearly never higher and the circumstances more dire than ever, Joe and Ellen literally take the hellhounds down in a blaze of glory that allows Sam and Dean to escape. Heroic and emotionally charged, Abandon All Hope is one of Supernatural's most potent episodes ever.

Aired: May 13, 2010
Season 5, Episode 22

Desperate times call for desperate measures. With the Apocalypse literally knocking on his door, Sam agrees to become Lucifer's human vessel in order to ultimately imprison him in the Cage. Naturally, things go horribly wrong, but as a possessed Sam brutally pounds on his older sibling, he begins to flashback on all their good times. Drawing on his love for Dean, Sam manages to regain control long enough to throw himself, and angel Michael, into the Cage. Poignant and emotional, the episode emphasizes family, Sam and Dean's brotherly bond and could have provided one hell of a satisfying series finale if needed. Oh, and fyi, turns out the prophet Chuck is God.

Aired: February 25, 2011
Season 6, Episode 15

No one embraces self-deprecation better than Supernatural. In order to protect Sam, Dean and a powerful weapon, Balthazar hides the brothers in an alternate reality where they are known as actors on a TV series aptly called Supernatural. Over there, Dean is now Jensen Ackles, who was once a soap opera star. Sam is something called a "Padalicki" and is married to the demon Ruby, aka actress and Jared's real-life wife, Genevieve Padalicki. And Castiel is now a Twitter-obsessed Misha Collins. The jokes are fast and furious, with nothing off limits. Arguably Supernatural's most creative hour, the episode once again proves the series works best when the writers think outside the box.

Aired: December 2, 2011
Season 7, Episode 10Over the seasons, Sam and Dean have died and come back to life on a few occasions. In essence, they've flipped Death the finger more than once. But not all their friends or fellow hunters have been so lucky. Previously, after trying to escape the Jaws-mouthed Leviathans, Bobby was shot by their leader. Now hospitalized and in a coma, Death's Door finds Bobby reliving certain memories and coming to grips with events from his past. With the bullet lodged in his head taking its toll, Bobby eventually flees to the last piece of his mind still alive, a fond memory of Sam, Dean and him settling in for a night of movies, beer and popcorn. Unfortunately, that happiness is fleeting, as a reaper once again approaches Bobby about staying here or moving on. But before he can give his answer, the screen ominously fades to black. A gut-wrenching episode, the spotlight shifts onto Bobby as viewers learn more about his abusive childhood, his marriage and the unbreakable fatherly love he feels towards Sam and Dean. Supernatural fans also mourned the death of one of the show's most beloved characters, as Bobby perished, leaving the boys on their own.