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The Top 5 Deadliest Amusement Park Rides in Movies

A good horror film often functions like an amusement park ride – scaring the bejeezus out of us before we're released from its grip. So it's appropriate that some of the most memorable scenes in movies, and some of the deadliest, have been set on rides. After the jump, check out five favorites.

Final Destination 3

FD3's opening rollercoaster set piece is possibly the best amusement park carnage that any film has offered us thus far, bringing to life every thrill-seeker's worst nightmare. Though deep down inside, haven't we all wondered what would happen if a ride broke down in such spectacular fashion?

Strangers on a Train

Who better than the Master of Suspense to create the first great amusement park ride set piece in film history? Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train begins, as its title indicates, on a straight pair of tracks. But it ends going around in circles on a carousel from hell. (Note: embedding isn't available on this scene, so you'll have to watch it here.)

The Fury

 Ah, the Paratrooper scene… Brian De Palma's The Fury is packed with lunatic moments. This is one of the best.

Ghoulies II

I have to include at least one funhouse attraction on this list, so here's my favorite: Ghoulies II's Satan's Den, a refuge for the devilish little critters. The entire film takes place at a carnival, but skip to the 8:30 mark for a quick taste of blood, Ghoulies-style.


Sure, Zombieland's Blast Off looks like a lot of fun. Unless of course you've suddenly drawn the attention of every zombie in post-apocalyptic LA.