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The Top 5 Exploding Bodies in Movies

There's something about an exploding body that's irresistible, capturing all the shock, and often times the hilarity, of which the horror genre is capable. But unlike its showy brother, the exploding head, the bursting bod just doesn't seem to get enough attention. I'd like to correct that. After the jump, check out my picks for the top 5 exploding bodies in movies. 

The Fury

I may be spoiling things for a lot of people, but it's hard to talk about Brian De Palma's 1978 thriller (based on the John Farris novel) without mentioning its final scene, making it perhaps the granddaddy of all exploding people movies. This scene is also the perfect exclamation point to a film overstuffed with lunacy, from its opening kidnapping/terrorist beach-resort attack to a typical scenery-chewing Kirk Douglas performance. Enjoy.


The Punisher: War Zone

It isn't the most faithful adaptation of Marvel Comics' vigilante antihero that one could hope for, but Punisher: War Zone offers enough over-the-top action to satisfy the exploitation lover in all of us. Take this precious moment, in which a hapless punk is taken out by Frank Castle. With a friggin' rocket launcher.

Monty Python's Meaning of Life

Mr. Creosote's story, while not technically a horror tale, is a pretty frightening cautionary fable about the dangers of overeating. It's also so disgusting it's probably inspired more dieting than Jenny Craig, Jane Fonda and Oprah put together. God knows just thinking about Terry Jones' glutton makes me want to skip dinner.

Big Trouble in Little China

John Carpenter's underrated kung-fu-comic-fantasy epic is packed with memorable one-liners, courtesy of truck-driving everyman Jack Burton (Kurt Russell). But the best visual moment occurs when one of arch-villain Lo Pan's henchmen decides he's had enough of ol' Jack…


Hey kids, guess what's better than an exploding prostitute? A whole room full of exploding prostitutes! If you look at this list as a kind of fireworks show, then consider the following NSFW scene, from Frank Henenlotter's 1990 ode to bad taste, as the grand finale. The fun begins at the 3:50 mark.