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The Top 5 Heart Removal Scenes in Movies

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it's a good time to look at the kinds of hearts we like best -- those that still beat as they're ripped from steaming chest cavities. There are many such scenes in movie history, from Dreamscape to Last of the Mohicans to From Dusk Till Dawn. But, after the jump, check out my picks for the Top 5 Heart Removal Scenes in Movies.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

Let's start with the elephant in the room. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom may not be grisliest, the goriest or the scariest heart removal scene of all time, but it's certainly the most significant. If for no other reason than it (along with the microwave scene in Gremlins) freaked out so many parents that the PG-13 rating was born. Of course it freaked out a lot of kids too. As a child, I watched this movie dozens of times, and every time that Mola Ram chanted "Kali ma" and those Thuggee drums beat louder, man, I closed my eyes as tight as I damn well could.

Midnight Meat Train (2008)

Unfortunately the clip that's online for this scene from Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train is not embeddable, so you'll have to watch it here. As the climax of the film, it's pretty memorable. And I'd cry too if my girlfriend looked like Leslie Bibb and was murdered right in front of me. But Bradley Cooper's tears? Well, they're sweeter than any Valentine's Day chocolate.

Dumb and Dumber (1994)

On a lighter note but no less graphic note is this scene with Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber, which somehow manages to outdo most of the kung-fu films it's parodying. Sometimes good gore can come from the goofiest of places.

The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982)

This scene from The Sword and the Sorcerer,  Albert Pyun's lackluster Lee Horsley-starring attempt to cash in on the early '80s fantasy craze, is impressive in that its heart removal is done telekinetically. No sense in getting your hands dirty if you don't have to!

Boogeyman 2 (2007)

Possibly the grisliest heart removal scene to date is this moment from the otherwise forgettable Boogeyman 2, done with the aid of a surgical instrument that rips the victim's sternum apart. And the killer caresses the heart, almost tenderly, before tearing it out. A very nice touch.