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The Top 5 TV Heart Removal Scenes

On Friday we looked at the Top 5 Heart Removal Scenes in Movies. While movies have historically shown more graphic violence than TV, there are still a surprising amount of such scenes to be found on some of our favorite shows, especially in recent years. See what I mean as we continue helping you prepare for Valentine's Day after the jump.

True Blood

True Blood can be as violent as any show on TV these days. And one of the series high points for gorehounds is this moment from season 3, in which vampire Russell Edington interrupts the evening news to demonstrate that he has no intention of being friends with humans.

The Simpsons

You can often get away with more in cartoons than you can in live action, which might be why there are so many scenes from animated series on this list. My favorite, however, is this moment from The Simpsons in which Bart, both literally and figuratively, gets his heart ripped out.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Chosen One did her fair share of heart breaking, tugging, and puncturing during seven seasons of Buffy the Vamplire Slayer. But in this climactic moment from season 4, she does a little heart tearing -- yanking Big Bad Adam's ticker right out of his torso. (Note: The above video is pretty long, so you might want to just skip to the good part at the 9:40 mark.)

Sailor Moon

Possibly the creepiest entry on this list is this scene from the infamously saccharine anime in which one of the Sailor Moon cast is oh-so-sweetly slaughtered.

The Family Guy

It's fitting to end this list with TV's most popular animated satire satirizing the most popular heart removal scene in movies, as The Family Guy performs Mola Ram's "Kali ma" ritual from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in its own inimatable style. Happy V-Day, everyone!