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Total Skull Clothing


I bet you didn't know that Sheri Moon Zombie has her own line of clothing.  Well, she does, and it's sexy and twisted, just like she is.  With a line of graphic tees and hoodies for both men and women, there's something for everyone – if you like zombie-licious skulls.  My favorite for her is the "I [heart] SMZ" tee because it's sexy and a little mysterious – only those in the know will understand who SMZ is.  Sadly, it's not available in men's sizes.  For the guys, my pick is the "Mark of the Skull" hoodie.  With blood-red sleeves and an extreme close-up of a skull with a frankly horrified look on its face splashed across the front of the hoodie, this piece will beat the crap out of that sweater grandma knitted you.

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