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News Article

Trailer for Uwe Boll-Produced 'Legend of the Red Reaper' Is Here


Legend of the Red Reaper had new life breathed into it after the producers jumped ship along with a large amount of the production budget.

The film, written and directed by Kristen Stewart (no relation to the Twilight actress), had a bumpy ride. It was rewritten, recast and the crew was shaken up. According to the most recent press release, “Houses were foreclosed, some body parts donated to science - but the money was raised to tell a story that I believe in with my heart soul (and some long lost body parts).”

Eventually Uwe Boll came on board as producer.

“Editor after editor jumped ship, holding up the project even further. Finally, Uwe Boll came to the rescue. The project was brought to his attention by lead actress Tara Cardinal, who also appears in two of his other projects, (Zombie Massacre and the Profane Exhibit with Clint Howard). Uwe, along with martial arts legend Ho-Sung Pak (Drunken Master with Jackie Chan) took the project on, using their combined extensive resources to pull together the epic fantasy action period piece the project it was always supposed to be.”

Based of the comic series, Legend of the Red Reaper follows a heroine, who is half human and half demon, who uses her dark side to save the world of demons. Tara Cardinal, David Mackey, Eliza Swenson, and Ray Eddy star in the movie.  Check out the official trailer below -- it has a Medieval Madness-meets-Samurai fairy tale vibe going on.