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Trick or Treat Studios Begins Teasing 2014 Halloween Masks


Trick or Treat Studios Evil Ash

One of the things I look forward to every year is the unveiling of new Halloween masks from Trick or Treat Studios, who have consistently been churning out quality offerings for the last several years.  2012 saw the release of the most incredible mass-produced Michael Myers mask we've ever seen, and last year a slew of new ones were unloaded on us, including Gunther from The Funhouse and an alien invader from They Live.  What's in store for us in 2014?  Though Halloween is too far away to even really think about, we were excited to discover that the company has already begun teasing this year's releases, over on their Facebook page!

The previews began last week, on January 5th, and Trick or Treat Studios has been unveiling a brand new one every day, which will likely continue until they've all been shown off.  Thus far, a Dr. Decker mask from Nightbreed has been revealed along with the exciting first additions to their newly acquired Evil Dead 2 and Walking Dead licenses, which will allow us to dress up as a possessed Ash Williams, the lovely Henrietta and even the bloated 'Well Walker' from AMC's hit show.

Check out all of the previews below, and be sure to keep your eyes locked on the Trick or Treat Studios Facebook page, where new masks will be revealed each day.  The company has also scooped up licenses for Halloween 3, Day of the Dead, Saw and Killer Klowns From Outer Space, so it's looking like 2014 is gonna be a great year for Halloween masks!

Dr. Decker Trick or Treat Studios

Walking Dead Trick or Treat Studios

Evil Dead 2 Trick or Treat Studios