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News Article

'The Troll Hunter' Takes the Fight From Under the Bridge


If you are anything like me, when you think of trolls, you think of little hairy monsters that live under bridges.  Mischievous and obnoxious, but not exactly terrifying.  Magnolia Pictures' genre arm, Magnet Releasing, just picked up a flick that might have you thinking differently about trolls.  I believe my response when I first saw the full picture (which you can see after the jump) was "Shit."

Synopsis: Shot in a vérité style, THE TROLL HUNTER is the story of a group of Norwegian film students that set out to capture real-life trolls on camera after learning their existence has been covered up for years by a government conspiracy.  Magnet SVP Tom Quinn promises "Trolls the size of King Kong."

The Troll Hunter comes to us from writer/director Andre Ovredal and stars Hans Morten Hansen and Tomas Alf Larsen.  Expect a theatrical release in 2011.