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News Article

'True Blood' Meets the True Death in 2014


true bloodThe seventh season of True Blood will be its last, according to HBO president Michael Lombardo. The flagship series will return in the summer of 2014 for its final season.

Ultimately, I think it is time the series ends. The show has traveled an uneven road, starting out slow in season one, growing more and more insane through season three, with the maenad and Russell Edgington -  before suddenly becoming ridiculous with the witches and the Authority and the damn fairies. Season six started a return to the (good) insanity with less of a focus on Sookie and the depraved vampire prison camp. Season seven is being set up for "zombie" vampires (vampires that are stricken with a virus that essentially make them zombie-like) which could either be awesomely bonkers or obnoxiously stupid. I feel like showrunner Brian Buckner - who has been with the show since the beginning and took the reins ahead of season six after creator Alan Ball left - has really been turning the series around.

Ultimately though, I feel no great sense of loss for True Blood. Frankly, I feel that it has overstayed its welcome. What do you think? Will you miss it?