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'True Blood' Takes a Bite Out of Paleyfest


With a third of season four of True Blood in the can, you would think there would be some details about the upcoming season that would be shared at this year's Paleyfest in Los Angeles. Well, if you think that, then you obviously have not been a fan of True Blood for very long. The veil of secrecy that executive producer Alan Ball has cast over his actors is almost magical in its impenetrability. Last night, we shared the few almost-details that Ball deigned to share with salivating fans at the panel. Of course, only True Blood could get away with calling "new characters" huge spoilers.  More after the break.

With sixteen (yes, sixteen) of the show's stars on stage, and a strict gag order in effect, only two questions made the complete rounds:

Where would you like to see your character go?

Rutina Wesley (Tara): "You will be surprised to find out where Tara went after the season finale. Don't worry, it's someplace cool. We'll see a more stable, happy Tara. I'd like to see some Tara and Pam action."

Stephen Moyer (Bill): "I think Bill just wants to play Trivial Pursuit with Terry and Arlene."

Joe Manganiello (Alcide): "Debbie is still on the loose, so I think that will come back to haunt him. Also, a new pack leader comes to town, and Alcide is more of a ‘lone wolf.'"

Kristin Bauer (Pam): "I love that Pam dresses for every occasion. Wait ‘til you see what we have been shooting this week..."

Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica): "The fairytale [between Jessica and Hoyt] can't go on forever, but maybe reality is better than the fairytale."

Jim Parrack (Hoyt): "Mom will never accept her son's chosen mate." Despite that, Jim hopes that Hoyt and Jess can get married. "I would love to tackle the political implications - both on and off the show - of us getting married."

Todd Lowe (Terry): "Terry thinks the evil can just be parented out of Arlene's baby."

Ryan Kwanten (Jason): "I'm a rarity in [Bon Temps]. I'm just a regular, good ol' boy."

Marshall Allman (Tommy): "Tommy will be back this season. I think he should babysit Arlene and Terry's kid. Bonus - I'm also a pet. I also thought it would be fun to be a talking parrot who hangs out with Lafayette. When [the producers] told me my character could shapeshift, my mind went a little crazy."

Sam Trammell (Sam): "Last season was a tough week for Sam. Sam has a slim chance for love this season, but he is definitely at bat."

Alex Skarsgard (Eric): "Eric is lost. He is vulnerable and trying to figure out who he is. But I would love to see some flashbacks with Godric and Pam, to see how they all got here."

Anna Paquin (Sookie): "Sookie coms back from fairy land, but still can't control her ‘microwave fingers.' Sookie is trying to be strong this season."

Have you had any creepy or crazy fan interactions?
Manganiello: "Some people say that wolf or canine saliva can heal wounds. At Comicon one year, a woman came up and ask me to lick her, in order to heal her wounds. Security escorted her out."

Parrack: "A woman was talking to me about Hoyt and Jessica's relationship. Then she handed me her cellphone and said, ‘This is my husband. He just got out of prison. Can you tell him how to be more like Hoyt?' I declined."

Allman: "When my grandma found out I booked the job, she said that she would get HBO so she could watch it. I told her that it was a little racy, and that she didn't have to watch it. She said, ‘It's okay. Your cousin told me it is vampire porn.'"

Moyer: "Men will ask me to leave a voicemail for their wives as Bill because they say it will get them so laid. Sometimes I will do it."

Paquin: "I love watching the women who pretend to want my autograph when really, they only care about meeting my husband. I don't care; I find it entertaining."