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News Article

'True Blood': Who Will Bite the Dust?



Alan Ball is such a tease.  In an exclusive interview with TV Guide, the executive producer of True Blood revealed that in season three, you can expect someone to die, and "it's going to be really good to see them get what they deserve." 

So assuming this is a character we already know but don't love, who are your guesses?  Frankly, I am really tired of Tara's attitude, and with Eggs now dead, I suspect it will only get worse.  I don't know that dying is what she "deserves," but I don't think I would be sad to see her go.  Or what about Hoyt's momma?  She's such a horrible bigot – I'd be happy to see her go.  But is her role major enough to make an impact?  Maybe if Jessica kills her – or if she is framed for her murder.  What do you think?