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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 106 - 'Wake'

The Secret Circle Episode 106


Written By: Andrea Newman

Directed By: Guy Bee

Original Airdate: 20 October 2011

In This Episode...

Nick's older brother, Jake, comes back to town for his brother's wake. Jake is widely despised and left town two years ago. Ethan employed him at the Boathouse, but then he stole everything and the bar nearly went under. Faye was in love with him, but he broke her heart and left her in such a shambles that she nearly had to be committed to a mental hospital. When the kids bound their circle, they weren't just binding the six of them together; they were binding bloodlines. Jake can take Nick's place in the circle.

Most of the witches are suspicious of Nick. Cassie sees him burning a crescent moon into his lawn one night; the next night, the same symbol is burned into the lawn in front of the abandoned magic house. Cassie is attacked in her home by a punky goth girl who has a dagger with the same crescent moon on the handle. Jake saves her and Cassie assumes this girl was the one who burned the symbols. Diana is grateful that Jake saved Cassie's life, but Adam and Faye are still anti-Jake.

And with good reason. Jake is actually working with the goth girl, Simone. Though he is a witch, he has joined up with a sect of witch hunters to get revenge for his family's deaths. He gets into a fight with Simone at her motel and takes the blood that she took from Cassie, saying it is too soon for a bloodletting. Simone pays Jake a visit during Nick's wake, determined to get back. Cassie sees the two fight and uses the crystal her grandmother gave her save Jake's life. After strong admonishments from grandma, she does not tell Jake that is how she was able to save him.

Also: Charles is still in shock over the fact that he killed Nick - a far cry from the dark man who killed a woman in order to orphan her daughter so she would move back to town. Ethan drunkenly tells Diana that he wishes she and Adam could stay together, but Adam is destined to be with Cassie. Diana breaks up with Adam - she has seen the way he looks at her - yet goes to Cassie to cry about it. Still not sure how she is mad at Adam and not mad at Cassie for the whole "destiny" thing.

Dig It or Bury It?

Then had me last week; now they have lost me again. We are back to teen angst set against dark forces. I feel like this episode - like most so far - have tried to impart so much backstory and history that it just ends up being very talky. Show, don't tell. Hell, I'll take flashbacks. In addition, these kids have got to get some better spells. They spend a hell of a lot of time talking about spells; not much time doing them. Then when they do spells, they are weak incantations like "No air for fire." Even Harry Potter got spells in a made-up language.

This Magic Moment

The crescents are ancient symbols of conquest, used to let a witch know they have been identified and "marked."

I Put a Spell on You

The only spellcraft this week is when the five remaining members of the circle run outside to take care of the crescent fire. "No air for fire" they chant a half-dozen times. The fire goes out. The end. Lame.


Next week is the Halloween episode. Regardless of plot, Halloween episodes are almost always better than regular episodes.