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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 107 - 'Masked'

The Secret Circle Episode 107


Written By: Michelle Lovretta

Directed By: Charles Beeson

Original Airdate: 27 October 2011

In This Episode...

With grandma off on a brief trip to visit Henry, Cassie plans a "small Halloween get-together," which, in high school speak, is a major rager. While setting up for the party, Cassie discovers a piece of the blade that Simone attacked her with. She takes it down to Calvin Wilson, the local antiquities dealer, to be identified. Jake got to Calvin first and scared him into silence, so when Cassie gets there, he says he has no idea what the crescent symbol means. She snaps a photo of similar blade that Calvin has in stock, which has the same crescent symbol, and others beneath it. With Adam's help, they identify the symbol as belonging to witch hunters.

We learn more about those witch hunters. Like witches, hunters come from long family legacies. Isaac is the leader of this pack of hunters (guest actor JR Bourne, who is recognizable as another type of hunter: werewolves, on Teen Wolf), and Luke is also part of it. Jake is the only witch among them - he wants vengeance for his family. Jake is necessary because if a witch isn't killed properly, there magic won't be fully destroyed, and it can be used by others. So he sets up witches cruets for each of the remaining witches (more on that below). 

During the Halloween party, Faye distracts Jake so that Cassie can snoop around his room. She finds a dagger with the same symbols as on Simone's knife. Jake catches her and claims it was Nick's. The hunters set about kidnapping each of the witches from Cassie's Halloween party. They wake, bound to chairs, in Isaac's safehouse. They are surrounded by a ring of iron sulfide to keep their powers at bay. Isaac goes outside with Jake, who shares some very important info he got out of Calvin before he killed him: Cassie has dark magic, and this method of killing her won't work. Inside, Luke starts with Diana, but Cassie screams, breaking the jar. Angered, Luke turns his attention to Cassie. This time, her scream causes Luke to catch on fire. Isaac hears the screams, sees the flames, and runs. Adam frees himself and the girls. Jake cuts himself, then pretends that Isaac beat him up.

Also: Before Calvin was killed by Jake, he paid Ethan a visit. Calvin is a witch, part of a different circle, and hadn't spoken to Ethan in 16 years. He wants to be sure that Cassie is really Amelia's daughter, then mentions that she doesn't know her real father, and says she needs to know about John Blackwell. Jane arrives at Henry's house and finds him dead (he looks remarkably well-preserved for someone who has been dead a couple weeks). She pulls his crystal from a hidey-hole and tries to revive him. It doesn't work, and Jane gets hit over the head by an unseen assailant, who takes the crystal.

Dig It or Bury It?

A Halloween backdrop always makes for a good time. They keep jamming so much witch lore into every episode, but it is done inelegantly. It feels like every episode has at least one scene of pure, straight-forward exposition. Rather than letting the lore evolve naturally throughout the course of a season, it's jammed in, like the producers just wanted to get through it.

There are a few things that were kind of dumb tonight. Apparently because Cassie has dark magic within her, the rules of regular witches don't apply. Despite being bound, she can do her own magic, and the iron sulfide does nothing to dull her powers. Also, when Cassie found the piece of Simone's knife with the crescent carving on it, Diana is shocked to realize the crescent matches the one burned in front of their witch house. Last time I checked, a crescent symbol is pretty much a crescent symbol. There aren't a wide variety if them. The crescent from this show looked like every other crescent I had ever seen.

I Put a Spell on You

So these witch cruets are created to kill witches. You take a jar, fill it with mandrake root, the blood of the witch you wish to kill, and a personal object from said witch. A quick spell fills the jar with light and "activates" it. Then you just have to drop a match in, and ding dong the witch is dead.

This Magic Moment

When Cassie first went to Calvin's shop, when he realizes who Cassie is, the mirrors behind him break. Cassie asks Jane about it, and she said it was probably "residual power and random power merging" - whatever that means. There were a lot of witches in the town, but many left after the fire.


The kids head out to look for Jane, who has been missing for a couple days, and tensions rise when it becomes apparent that Cassie's magic is stronger than everyone else's.