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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 108 - 'Beneath'

The Secret Circle Episode 108


Written By: Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson

Directed By: John Fawcett

Original Airdate: 3 November 2011

In This Episode...

Cassie gets nervous when her grandmother is gone for longer than expected and she is unreachable by phone. She decides to head out to Henry's house to check in on her. Naturally, the circle joins her (except Melissa; her mom is worried about her after Nick's death). Cassie and Jake drive in one car while Faye joins Diana and Adam.

As they arrive at the lake house, a storm moves in (of course). They discover no one in the house, but with the storm picking up by the minute, they decide to stay the night. On the way into the house, Faye swears she hears a little girl calling to her, but dismisses it. Though the house is empty, Cassie finds Jane's scarf, so she knows she was there. The kids build a fire, raid the liquor cabinet, and Faye takes a hot bath. Suddenly her bath turns into a swampy mess, complete with mud and weeds, but when she brings the others into the bathroom to see, everything is normal. They blame the booze.

With no TV or internet, the kids sit down for a good old fashioned game of Truth or Dare. Diana dares Cassie to kiss Jake, and she does, which infuriates Faye and sends her running outside to sit in the car (Diana is also pissed about Adam's reaction to the kiss, but frankly I don't give a shit about their bratty relationship). While outside, Faye sees a little girl in red wellies and a yellow rain slicker. She runs, and Faye gives chase. Cassie eventually heads outside to look for Faye. Instead she sees that same little girl, and chases her into the woods. The girl disappears, but Cassie finds Faye - in utter shock and barely coherent. "That little girl is me," Faye murmurs. The last time she wore that outfit, she was six years old, and staying with her grandpa for the summer. One night she went down to the lake and threw rocks off the dock. She fell in and remembers being on the verge of drowning to death when her grandpa yanked her out, saving her life.

Faye is genuinely freaked out. The harder Cassie tries to calm her down, the more panicked Faye gets, eventually drawing Jake, Diana, and Adam outside to the lake, where the boys have to physically restrain her from swimming into the lake. Cassie sees the little girl again, this time at the edge of the dock. She is drawn to her, but by the time she gets there, the girl is gone. Cassie puts her hands in the water, and it soon starts bubbling up. Suddenly, Henry's bloated corpse floats to the surface. She later confides in Jake that she doesn't know how, but she just knew what to do. She felt a strange connection with Faye that allowed her to just "know."

Dig It or Bury It?

The storm was cliched but effective. Little children are always scary, especially when they are ghost children. The relationship craps was boring as usual, but on the upside, Diana had a good amount of screen time without her shirt on. All in all, an atmospheric, better-than-average episode with barely average dialogue.

This Magic Moment

After the circle's little overnighter, Jake reports back to Isaac, telling him that someone killed Henry but they didn't do it right. His energy wasn't "dead," allowing it to merge with Cassie and allow her to know exactly where to find Henry's body. Isaac is adamant that they move in for the kill immediately, but Jake is hesitant. He wants to see what else Cassie has to offer - he feels like he is missing something. Isaac wants them all dead. Now.

I Put a Spell on You

Charles - having killed Henry, disposed of his body, and sedating and kidnapping Jane - snoops around the witch house with Dawn, looking for Diana's book. They are looking for a spell to cast on Jane with the power crystal Charles found. This spell would essentially control Jane's mind and actions, allowing them to make her forget. It works, a little too well. When Cassie comes home, Jane tells her that Henry wasn't home when she got to the lake house; she never even made it inside. She is just as confused as Cassie when her granddaughter reveals the scarf she found in Henry's sofa.


Like Mystic Falls, Chance Harbor is having their Homecoming dance next week. Dances are never good, even without the threat of vampires and witches.