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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 110 - 'Darkness'

The Secret Circle Episode 110


Written By: David Ehrman

Directed By: Chris Grismer

Original Airdate: 5 January 2011

In This Episode...

Cassie is worried about her dark magic bloodline. Adam finds her researching it, and she swears him to secrecy. He agrees, but promises to help her. At the abandoned house, Diana catches him doing research and puts the pieces together. Adam fills in the gaps for her, and Cassie overhears. She is furious and her anger begins to choke Adam, mimicking a nightmare she had. She releases him, but the rest of the coven is there now, and they are all making Cassie feel like a criminal. Later, alone, Diana finds Cassie doing an attraction spell. She thinks it is for Adam, but Cassie assures her it is for Jake. With Jane still out of town, Diana insists Cassie stay with her. Also staying at Diana's house is her grandma, Kate. Kate is Charles's mother and one of the elders. 

Late that night, Cassie goes for some juice and Kate finds her in the kitchen. She knows about Cassie's dark magic, and Cassie admits she is worried about it. Kate tells her there is a spell they can do to draw it out of her. They plan it for the next night. Cassie is nervous about it, but Diana assures her her grandmother is a trustworthy person. The next night, Cassie and Kate go into the woods and Kate performs the ceremony. But she has other plans for Cassie, including knocking her out and burying her alive, allowing the earth to devour her and her dark magic. Diana knows something is wrong when she sees mandrake root in her grandmother's suitcase. She and Adam rush to the forest to find Cassie. But Cassie's fear turns to power and she explodes out of her makeshift coffin.

Dawn is not happy that Kate is in town, and after Kate pays Dawn a threatening visit, Dawn is convinced that Charles needs to "do something" about her. He promises to take care of her but refuses to kill his mother. Charles changes his tune when he finds out what Kate did - or tried to do to Cassie. Kate insists she needed to see if Cassie really had the power they needed to "tip the balance between good and evil" and apparently she does. I'm just not sure which way Kate wants it to tip.

Meanwhile, Faye stole a page out of Cassie's grimoire, one that is supposed to help her get back her individual powers. It is an ancient voodoo spell, so she and Melissa go to the only voodoo doctor in the area. He is a cute but "normal" dude who works out of his garage. He performs the spell but the next day, Faye discovers it did nothing. She goes back to his "office" and when she discovers all his voodoo is fake, she trashes the place. He admits that he did nothing, but he can see the power in her. He will help her access that power, and he will get something in return. What that is is never specified, but I can guess....

Dig It or Bury It?

For the love of all that is cheesy and delicious, please, someone, go evil. We get so many hints of evil, from Cassie's bloodline, to Dawn, to Kate, to Faye... but no one has gone the full evil yet. Stop pussying around - someone go crazy! Hell, make Melissa go evil - she annoys the hell out of me now. Actually, don't waste evil on her. Just kill her off. Cassie really liked using her powers - she should follow that instinct.

Also, there is a terrible theme going on the CW tonight. Both The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries had cold opens which featured characters waking from weak, obvious nightmares. In The Secret Circle, Cassie dreamt that Jake came back to town, pushed her buttons, and she killed him with her mojo.

I Put a Spell On You

In order to draw the black magic out of Cassie, Kate has her stand in front of an altar with a quartered circle on it, representing mother earth. Kate will draw the elements together but the spell's success will depend on Cassie. Of course, then it just turns out that Kate was trying to kill Cassie.

Wicked Witch

When Faye and Melissa pay a visit to the voodoo "master," he scoffs at them, thinking that the mean girls stole their boyfriends or something equally inane. "No smart ass," Faye snaps. "We are the mean girls."


Faye plots to steal Cassie's power, so she pulls a Carrie at the prom. Didn't they just do a "bad shit at the prom" episode?